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Murder Princess

Jan 7, 2010

After her father is murdered and her kingdom overthrown, Princess Alita finds herself on the run for her life when she, quite literally runs into the bounty hunter Falis. A bizarre set of circumstances, including a near death experience, the two women wake to find they have switched bodies. With a skilled swords woman trapped in her body, Alita convinces Falis to work for her and take back her rightful throne.

If any of you have ever seen the anime Bastard and you enjoyed it, then you definitely need to check this one out. It is a non-pretentious anime with a female lead who kicks ass (and does it very well) and there isn’t anything much deeper than that. It did not take a lot of convincing for me to watch this. At all.

Down to the nitty gritty, the story is to the point. This is a 6 episode series so it gets right down to it by necessity. However, I found myself wanting more! It is pretty action packed and does not leave much room for pondering the deeper meanings of life (or death, since we’re on that subject). Any hint at a serious, heartfelt moment is whisked away immediately by either death or humor.

Speaking of humor, there is plenty. I mean, the initial bad guys are two little girl robots. Its silliness is surpassed only by its hilarity.

The music is just as kickass as the action. A bit on the metalish side, but it fits well.

Now, to the problem. And it really isn’t as much of a problem as one would think. Murder Princess, in spite of the gushing blood and severed body parts, looks like…well…a cartoon. It lacks any sort of realistic appeal in the character design and backgrounds and while at first I found that the colors were bright and the lines were clean and everything was really pretty, it really kind of takes away from the series as a whole.

Despite its cartoony appearance, I do not recommend Murder Princess for anyone under the age of 16. It is pretty bloody.

Overall, I give Murder Princess an 7/10. Enjoy.

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7/10 overall
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