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Jan 7, 2010

Saya Otonashi lives the life of any normal high school girl with her adoptive family in Japan. That is until she learns that in the secret war between humans and the monsters known as chiropterans, her skills are humanity’s last hope. Together with a small group of allies, Saya sets out to face the chiropterans, and discover the dark secrets of her own past.

Ok, anyone familiar at all with the movie Blood: The Last Vampire already knows Saya’s “deep dark secret” but hey, I won’t ruin it for you. Blood+ is loosely based on the movie Blood and when I say “loosely” I mean that really the only similarities are the lead character’s name and the fact that she is the only one capable of killing chiropterans. Here is where the similarities end. If you are a Blood: The Last Vampire fan and you are looking for some extended version of the movie, you are going to be sorely disappointed. Sorry.

That aside, Blood+ is a fairly decent piece of cinema in its own right. Sure, there’s lots of blood. It IS called Blood+, after all. And the blood is very pretty. I just want to gush about the art in this series. The use of light and dark made for some interesting visual effects. As for the animation, it comes and goes. Some scenes are just fabulous and others (and by others I mean the scenes where Saya isn’t cutting something or someone in half) were mediocre at best. I watched in awe at the awkward animation involved in Saya chewing a piece of food. It was the most unnatural thing I had ever seen. However, this is just a minor drawback, since these sorts of scenes were few and forgivable.

The main beef I have with Blood+ is its agonizingly slow pace. Compared to series like Bleach or Naruto (I think I just threw up in mouth a little bit), 50 episodes is nothing, but the first 20 episodes of Blood+ bored me to tears. That is almost half the series right there where almost nothing happens and the things that do happen have a very small effect, if any at all on the main plot.

I will say, though that after that 20 episode benchmark, the series does pick itself up (and quite superbly) and nearly makes those coma-inducing episodes seem like just a bad dream. The characters are wonderfully written. From Saya, our troubled heroine, to Diva…let me stop on Diva because I just want to say she is (arguably) one of the best villains I’ve ever seen and easily the best character in the series. Moving on, most of the characters (read as: the characters we care anything about) are complex enough to be interesting and not too complex that we’re left feeling in the dark. Saya might be a little too complex which would explain the 20 episodes at the beginning, which I like to call Saya’s emo period.

Overall, enjoyable. I would not recommend it to audiences under 16 unless you’re watching it on Cartoon Network where the bloodbath has been slightly reduced for our cramped American minds. If you are watching the DVD (featuring BATHTUBS OF BLOOOOOD), I would suggest 16+.

I would also not recommend this anime to anyone who needs to have something happen by episode 5 or even 10 because you won’t make it. Trust me. Still, with all that said, I give Blood+ a 7/10. Enjoy.

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LilMayar Feb 5, 2011

I'm on episode 10 and im extremely interested in the series o.o

I'm used to far slower plots than these so I feel as if the anime is pretty normal paced in these initial episodes xD

soundmanmitchell Nov 2, 2010

Thanks for the review. I'm right at episode 9 and saying to myself, "OH DEAR GOD WHEN WILL THE BORE STOP!" But thanks to your review I'll press on and hope that episode 21 on will excite me enough to amp up the 1 star rating I gave.