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Ah! My Goddess TV

Oct 11, 2009

Mirasato Keiichi is the unluckiest person alive. Although he is genuinely a nice guy, bad things always seem to happen to him. Constantly turned down by girls and mistreated by the guys in his university dorm, Keiichi shoulders his burdens quietly. One night, while trying to make a phone call, Keiichi inadvertently dials the Goddess Assistance Hotline. It would seem that Heaven has not been blind to his misfortunes and has sent the goddess Belldandy to grant him one wish. Belldandy is so beautiful and so kind to him that he spontaneously wishes that she can stay with him. Forever. In what can only be described as His unending sense of humor, God allows the wish to be granted and Belldandy is Keiichi’s forever with all the benefits and problems that come with her.

I've had enough of sappy, fuzzy, feel good, love stories where the girl/guy/main lead is just sickeningly perfect and cute! Well, okay.  I guess I have room for one more.  And if I could only have one more romantic comedy, it would definitely be this one.  I confess that Ah! My Goddess! is a little sappy at times, but it is a romance after all.  The characterization make it more believable and Belldandy is more likeable for her sweet personality and naivete than any other anime character that I've seen.  The flaws of the other characters only add to the humor.  Urd, Belldandy's older sister, having grown bored with the excruciatingly slow pace of Keichi's romance with her little sis (and believe me, when I say excruciatingly slow, I mean it) decides to skip out on her heavenly duties and grace the couple with her presence, and her advice.  "Advice" that comes in a variety of hilarious forms, from potions to mind control.  Skuld, Belldandy's younger sister, has had enough with Keichi's goddess monopolization and decides to try to put a stop to it once and for all.  Good characterization gives us just enough of those side characters, and as arrogant as Urd is, or as bossy as Skuld is there are specific insecurities that make these goddesses refreshingly human.  And, ironically, it is Urd who often points out things about Belldandy which remind us that she isn't perfect either.

The story is pretty easy going and moves at a relaxed pace.  While never falling into a rut or becoming boring, it isn't exactly edge-of-your-seat either.  Accurately labeled as a comedy, Ah! My Goddess! has its somber issues as well and while these are often short-lived and fairly few they really are wonderful moments in the series.

The animation is not really anything to stand up and cheer over but the colors are very pretty.  The character design is pleasing without falling into sugar-induced-coma cuteness.  Thank god(dess).  I adore the musical score in this series, especially the opening theme and Ah! My Goddess! is one of the few series that I will sit through the opening of every episode.

Recommended audience:  Ah! My Goddess! is very family-friendly, with the only objectionable material being Urd's clothes, probably.  There is a demon in the series, but her idea of suffering is to make you drop your icecream in the dirt or break your shoelaces.  The language is fine, the fan service is minimal, and there is no violence.  Fine for anyone old enough to understand the content.

Ah! My Goddess! is one of the ultimate feel-good anime series and it does just that.  If 10 is the highest score I can give it, I guess I will settle for it.  Subract 3 or 4 points if you just need something to explode or someone to get their head cut off.  Or if you just don't have a sense of humor.  10/10

10/10 story
7/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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Gakorak Nov 3, 2009

I've gotta say, I went through this review and Witchblade and I think you've got a talent for this.  Can't wait to see what else you review.

- I agree with the rating depending on what you are looking for.  For what it is, this show deserves the score you gave it.