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Oct 11, 2009

The opening lines of Minami-ke is the most succinct synopsis that exists. So, we’ll go with that.

 “This is just a plain depiction of the days of the lives of the three Minami sisters. Please do not expect too much.”

 I admit, I was a big fan of Seinfeld, even though a show about absolutely nothing does not seem a likely source for excellence. But still. I loved it. Why? Because it was funny. And it was funny because it was true. The same goes for Minami-ke. Here is an anime about nothing at all.

 Let me start with the main characters, the Minami sisters. There is elementary school student Chiaki. She’s smart but still believable as a child. She’s also brutally honest, dry, and the monotonous delivery of her lines is very comical. Kana, the junior high schooler is…well…there isn’t a nice way of saying it so I’ll just be frank. Kana is an idiot. Not the stereotypical cute, innocent naive sort of idiot. But a shameless, self-centered idiot who is constantly wowing the viewer (and her sisters) with her illogical comments. Her tendency to speak and act before thinking often leads to most of the humorous events in the series as well as to Chiaki’s dismay. Haruka is the oldest sister and the caretaker. She is, of course the perfect girl. She is a wonderful cook, a responsible mother figure, tactful and pleasant. I liked Haruka but she wasn’t nearly as entertaining as her sisters.  The rest of the cast list is fairly long but they end up contributing well to the comedy.

 Speaking of comedy, Minami-ke does rely heavily on crude gags involving pants falling off at the worst possible time, however the rest of the show makes up for these rather one dimensional events with some of the funniest situational humor I have seen to date. The constant war between Chiaki and Kana gets a little tiring towards the end, but the series is only 13 episodes long so it wasn’t completely worn out. This will be the only complaint I have about the series.

 I would say 13+ for Minami-ke due to the crude humor and mild language. Other than that, most of the jokes would probably sail right over the heads of younger viewers so it’s just as well. 9/10. Subtract a point if you have to have a show with some discernible plot or if you just don’t like slice-of-life comedies.

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9/10 overall
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