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Oct 11, 2009

Masane Amaha only wants one thing:  to find a place where she and her daughter Rihoko can live in peace.  Ever since the catastrophic earthquake that left virtually sank Tokyo and left Amaha with no recollection of her past and a mysterious bracelet around her wrist, trouble seems to pursue them relentlessly.  Desperate for a job and with child wellfare hot on her heels, things are looking grim until Amaha meets two men who inform her that what she thought was merely a bracelet is actually a legendary weapon known only as the Witchblade, granting its wearer incredible power at a price.

Angry women in skimpy clothing who have the innate ability to kick your ass seems to be a staple plot line and sadly, Witchblade does not stray far from that standard.  I found myself more than once groaning inwardly as a potentially interesting plot development gave way to huge boobs battling each other.  Oops, I'm sorry.  I mean women with huge boobs battling each other.  Based on an American comic by the same name, the anime fastforwards to future Tokyo but the boobs...they remain.

Breast size aside, what I found particularly disappointing about Witchblade was that it shapes up to be an interesting story and collapses like a flan in a cupboard.  I blame the boobs.  Who is Amaha? When will she get her memories back? How is she connected with all this? Why did the Witchblade choose her? I found myself sincerely anticipating the answers to these questions.  Unfortunately, Witchblade is stingy in the information department.

The story seems to zigzag like a drunken horse who, every now and then, regains enough composure to jump over a hurdle only to start weaving back and forth again.  The end result is confusing, difficult to follow, and it goes without saying completely unbelievable.  Don't get me wrong.  I don't need a realistic story but there are more holes in this story than swiss cheese.  And so it is no wonder that the finish line seemed to rush towards me as though the writers were completely out of ideas by the end and, being out of time (and possibly money) said, "This seems like a good stoppiong point".

The character designs are sleek and sexy but are ruined by the ridiculously enormous breasts.  Not just Masana, but every woman here has a back-breaking set of jugs to the point where I experienced a sort of "Boobie Overload".  Too much of a good thing is a bad thing, guys.

Needless to say, the fanservice in Witchblade reaches damn near critical levels and I don't mean just the breasts.  Well, they count of course.  But the wardrobes in Witchblade are revealing and not just in the chest area.

The animation is not all that impressive and the fight scenes are cliche, short and boring.

Overall, Witchblade left me feeling a little disappointed as I often feel when a story has potential but falls short by several miles.  Witchblade gets a 4 out of 10 for effort, though.

Recommended Audience:  Older teens and up.  Witchblade is violent, the language is bad, and there are more than enough sexual connotations.  And there's enough fanservice to have otakus locked in their lairs for several weeks.  Not only that, but the big baddies prey on women (go figure) who die very grisly deaths 98% of the time.

?/10 story
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4/10 overall
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Tolle May 7, 2012

I haven't watched the anime yet, but seeing as I like "bad language, violence and sexual connotations", I might in the near future. ^_^

It also seems to me that you're implying that otakus are perverted, young males, brooding in their basements while fapping vigorously to ecchi anime. AFAIK, it's only some people who consider the term negative, and in Japan that's mostly prejudice about people interested (maybe obsessed) with anime/manga.

KakiharaFRS Mar 8, 2011

I've read all the darkness, witchblade and other related US comics the hundreds of them so I had high expectations

btw sarah pezzini never was a "bad girl" she's a cop armed with was is more or less a holy weapon vs the darkness which is a mafia guy with an evil power but who is still "not a bad guy"

this review is absolutely fair, and the boobs are more important than the witchblade and the story, if you think the contrary it only proves you haven't watched the entire series, while there are some fights in the early episodes after the middle of the series there's only a few of them and really short and uninteresting ones, the withcblade is also not even the main subject of the anime anymore and they say it themselves in the anime with ultimateblade,neogenes becoming more important than the witchblade, but there is tons of talking and boobs on the other side, the "beach" episode was just awful

ecchi is okay with me but the anime still needs a story not 70% ecchi vs 30% story, when regular characters keep talking about boobs and babes and the story is not moving forward in several episodes you know it's bad

and more importantly this is not what witchblade is supposed to be about, this doesn't even deserve 3 stars for me and thus I gave it a 2

DustinSmith Jan 1, 2011

You went on to much about the boobs.  The story was actually so great that I seen past the over sized knockers.  Yes it was perverted, but the anime was certainly not about boobs.  I'm sure they just tried to throw a little bit of eye candy in it.

The fight scenes were unique..but I don't know about "short and boring" in this series the main character isn't bad ass and kills everything like every other series.  She struggles a lot and works at it to support her kid.  Like I said it's a great story.  You are right about the non impressive graphics but they weren't bad either.


eternalstrife Dec 6, 2010

I absolutely agree! Even though i've only watched three episodes, i figured that was the reason the witchblade chose her. and the bond between Amaha and her daughter is very captivating.In my humble opinion Witchblade is just being bashed because it's ecchi, wich is a shame.

Panta May 6, 2010

To me, it just seems you're not much of a boobs kinda guy. All I see is you castigating half-nude boobs in a show that flaunts the beauty of a woman's body as a weapon in itself.

They're angry because they have demonic blood. They desire nothing but the blood and flesh of their enemy/prey. The Witchblade is a wild beast, something that lives on the principles of desire alone.

Every Witchblade story I've seen deals with the conflicting natures of the beauty and the beast, the humanity and demonic, and how easily the human mind succumbs to the temptations of unlimited power. The anime is no different from what you'll find in the comics.

This anime is for people who either have an interest in the franchise or are fans of the comic. Even reading something off Wikipedia will give you enough to understand the anime.

Referring to your questions I can answer some of them for you: "how is she connected?" and "why did it choose her?" are simple: the Witchblade chooses strong and resolute women. Amaha has a strong motherly bond with her child and would do anything to protect her. This is a strength the Witchblade can satiate itself on.

Personally, I absolutely love this.