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Le Chevalier D'Eon

Oct 11, 2009

Paris, 1742. It is pre-revolution France and Versailles, under the rule of Louis XV shines in all it’s splendor and glory. D’Eon de Beaumont serves as a knight to King Louis but when his sister Lia’s body is found floating down the Seine river, D’Eon swears to find the people responsible for her murder. However, Lia’s spirit is not satisfied with allowing her brother to do the work on his own and so she takes up residence in his body, taking over at key times in order to exact her revenge. D’Eon and his comrades enter into a dark world of secret societies and unexplainable phenomena in their quest to uncover the truth behind the death of one of the most famous noblewomen of France.

Le Chevalier D’Eon (for those of you who don’t speak French that’s “D’Eon the knight”) is based off a historical fiction novel by the same name which is, in turn based on a real person. This fact alone inspired me to grab up this series. Not only do I love period pieces, I love true stories. However, there is way too much weird stuff for it to be true, so I was just satisfied knowing that the person D’Eon de Beaumont actually existed and leave it at that.

Le Chevalier starts us off with the discovery of Lia’s body and from there it is a political and supernatural thriller the whole way home. You really have to pay attention in this one or you will become totally lost. The plot can get confusing but it is satisfying from beginning to end. Whether you are watching it for the political intrigue or the creepy supernatural stuff, you aren’t going to walk away from this one disappointed.

I really loved the characters in this series. They were all believable, especially D’Eon. In most anime being possessed by another person is kind of…well…staple and so the main character simply accepts it. But it takes D’Eon about 6 to 8 episodes to finally concede that he is in fact a vessel for his sister’s spirit while she is on her path of vengeance. And what a path it is! D’Eon is a skilled swordsman but Lia kicks some major booty and she is easily the most interesting character in the show. And she’s dead, even! That’s an accomplishment.

Taking a step back from blowing things up, super powers, and silly names for ultimate moves, Chevalier is filled with fencing and all those glorious period piece things that I love so much. The animation is very well done. The character design is realistic. There are no cutesy characters in this one.

As for content, Chevalier is less than Amadeus and more than The Man in the Iron Mask. The language is mild, there is partial nudity but nothing too bad, however it does tend to get a little bloody. I would recommend it for 16+. Keep in mind, this is more a political thriller than anything else, so if you’re looking for an action packed, blow ’em up series subtract 2 points. 10/10

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10/10 overall
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Melourn Jul 28, 2011

I wish you'd have tried a little harder with the points rating system, but the review is very well thought out and a good read. Thankyou for not simply posting: "I liked this anime...derrrr." or "This anime is shite..." (with no evidence to back up the claim).

I agree with your point of how the characters are believable and realistic, but not cutesy. I do like that about this anime. It is annoying when an anime with class comes out and they just coupldn't bring themselves to give up making a moe character.

However, I don't think they explored any of the characters well at all. None of the characters changed throughout the story, none (except D'Eon, and then only sparingly) were delved into at all, and they weere all fairly simple to boot.

If I were to give Le Chevalier D'Eon a review rating I'd subtract 2 points for character development, so I'd give it an 8/10.

So, great review! Thanks ever so much for your observations and for the time you put into typing out your thoughts.