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I watch Anime, and I play videogames such as Guild Wars 2 and Osu!

I started getting into Anime during the Summer of 2010 (June of 2010).

Feel Free to send me messages or even add me, I won’t join groups though.


Anime genre of choice:

                    Fantasy ------------ (Any type of Fantasy is fine with me)

                    Action -------------- (Who doesn't like action?)

                    Adventure --------  (This makes playing MMORPG's that much better!)

                    Comedy -----------  (Do I need a reason?)

                    Romance ---------- (Highly depends on the type)

                    Nekomusume ----- (I'm a Neko fan)

The Art Design/Detail of the anime doesn't matter to me (but it can affect how I rate it).
If you have anime suggestions for me to look into, tell me about it. I will look into it not matter what it is, however I should make it known that I have a pretty big wait list as it is and I feel as though I'm getting behind on watching anime... How is that even possible?


Just so you know a little bit about how I rate anime.

I rate them according to:

1) The story lines (was it fun to watch, or did I regret it at the end).

2) Awesomeness (was it awesome, or did it just suck).

3) Believability (did it follow the plot that should be expected, or did it stray off onto an unrealistic turn of events).

In general, the way I rate anime is also how I would suggest them:

0~2, I disliked these;

2.5~3.5, just another anime;

4~4.5, I would suggest watching most of these.

5, I thought that these were perfect and I would highly recommend these.


As for my ratings in the "Plan to watch" category at the very bottom of the list. When you see a 1, it doesn't mean that I rated it a 1, it means that it is a heads up for me to spot those series out of rest of the anime's in my list.

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TheAngelofDeath Feb 11, 2015

I don't think your avatar is typing fast enough!

HarioSagara Dec 10, 2012

I recently decided to start downloading torrents so that I could watch anime in places I don't have internet. So I got an account at Bakabt and I got a torrent viewer from It should be able to download the torrent, as far as I can tell, but it won't go past 0%. Not sure if it's cuz my computer sucks or what the problem is. What program do you use to view torrents on your computer? I'll keep trying to figure this out, but I was wondering if you have any input.

HarioSagara Dec 1, 2012

Just watched the first season of Shinryaku! Ika Musume or Squid Girl. It was pretty funny. I'm also watching To Aru Majutsu no Index, which I'm liking a lot so far, it has really cool characters.

HarioSagara Nov 21, 2012

Readers stoned huh? I guess books would be more interesting that way. Btw I looked up Seitokai no Ichizan. That's definetely going high up on my want to watch list along with Gosick.

HarioSagara Nov 19, 2012

What the heck is that thing?! lol