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Blue Submarine No. 6

Old but go-… yeah, old. It’s one of Gonzo’s earlier works… you know, that studio known for inconsistent animation. Yeah, this one wasn’t an exception. Shitty CGI , which is sort of a trademark in Gonzo anime, is present in this one all the way, and from today’s standards standpoint, it looks even worse. I didn’t really mind it that much, though. I managed to find a lot of other things about this show that were more deserving of attention.

First off, I’d like to point out that it’s one of those subtle ‘love nature’ anime. The premise is not the most original one, and neither is the setting, but it never became a problem with this one. It had a clear direction from the start, and the way plot resolved was very intriguing, combined with a really satisfying ending, it was definitely worth it. While it may not be richest anime with the mentioned concept, it still managed to tell its story in a fresh way. Sure, plot is lacking and not everything is explored as much as it should have, but that’s mostly because of the short duration, which doesn’t actually excuse it but only makes you sad because there’s no more.

Characters were fine. Funny enough, the most significant development happened 3 minutes before the end, and that is not good at all. If they added more time after that, and went into in a bit further, I’m sure I’d like it way more. As it is now, we’ve met them properly, and everyone that mattered was flashed out good enough for us to care. Everyone has a reason to be here, and everyone is contributing something. As I’ve said: it’s fine.

Music was damn fine, definitely better than the animation. I doubt that most people would listen to any OST outside the anime, but I found it good enough to squeeze some extra credit in there.

All in all: it’s short, to the point and worth the watch. It executed its premise well, and gave a good ending that didn’t feel shallow at all. And if you have a thing for monstergirls like me… yeah…

(It got its first doujinshi  AFTER 14 YEARS of existing, 1 week after I saw it, and it just happened to feature the pairing I’d love to see happen! Who’s a lucky bastard?)

6/10 story
4.5/10 animation
6.5/10 sound
5/10 characters
5.5/10 overall

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