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Seikon no Qwaser

Sep 29, 2013

And then God said: “Let there be tits of all forms and sizes, and make their milk OP.” I imagine that this is pretty much what started this whole titfest. It’s apparently about science and religion… bwahhah, not in my book. I’ve watched the show, and I shit you not, I still have no idea about half of shit what was supposed to be a plot. If anyone asked me what this was all about, I would say that it was about some duchefuck and sexual deviancy with over the top boobage. What? I didn’t pay much attention? Tell it to all tit time that got thrown into my face… all the time.

Granted, the amount of money they put into boob motion is mind-blowing, but not something I’d consider good at any time. I know… I know… I knew what I was getting into, but I surely didn’t expect such huge amount of crap, or tits. If I wanted any of this I’d watch a Hentai or something. Although, this could pass for a Hentai. Boobs came in all forms and sizes, as I’ve previously said, so there is some sort of variation… if anything. Yep, that is the only positive thing about this I can think of right now.

Attempt to decipher the plot #2: It’s about some Christian-protestant-something religion vs. that… exact same religion, but slightly different… and one epic relic everyone wants for some reason.  Spoiler: that epic thing is actually a portrait with tentacles, which is apparently god’s power. And for some reason I ain’t even mad. To cut it short: the plot is just random pile of nonsense piled on top of each other without connection or continuity.  Shit is just here to excuse tit sucking and fights, or in other words, hit all selling points.

I’ll divide characters in two categories; sucked and suckers. Suckers are those Qwaser things that control elements for no good reason whatsoever beside plot saying so. Sasha, our MC, is a metal Qwaser, and he has the power to conjure a scythe out of his blood (even though human body has the amount of iron to produce a 0.5 mm ball, but it’s not like anything in this show has scientific background or anything). I’ll never once tell in my review that I disliked something because of my personal preference and will rather talk about things and judge them in general – I can’t say that here, sadly – I hated him mindlessly. He’s a little shit that treats women like turds and manages to sexually harass every girl in this show, but they actually gave him the permission, believe it or not, no matter how much he misbehaves towards them. All girls (or sucked ones) in this show are dumb cows and their writing insults my feminine side… well, except for Lizze… she is gold inside this shitty mess, and is not actually a sucked one. And Phoenix is gold among males in this show, mostly because everyone else was either asshole rapists or just shallow plot-device villain. Did I mention that I always rooted for bad guys, no matter how shitty they were? Still better than Sasha, I say.

Dialogues were cheesy and badly written as well, and some catchphrases would probably piss me off if I heard them right now. There’s no significant development either; no one really seems like a different person after this crap ended.  And believe me when I say that ending was a complete crap. Episode 26 was… ughh.

Animation was good, though. Design was pretty generic, but fights were ok… even though there’s titanium plot armor on every main character. Music was fine… I guess. I liked the first ED, which was probably the only memorable track in this show. Tits are where it’s at. Tit groping animation and those sound effects were the only thing that really stood out… if you catch my drift.

All in all; I would never recommend it if someone doesn’t ask me to give him the most shameless, borderline Hentai out there. And if you’re not a fan of over-the-top sexual deviancy, then you should probably avoid this at all cost because it’s just not worth it.

Best girl: Lizze

DTAB group rating: 

1.5/10 story
7/10 animation
5/10 sound
1.5/10 characters
2.5/10 overall

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DynastyStar says...

It appears that my comment didn't go through, I enjoyed the shit out of this anime, it was hilariously perverted.

Oct 15, 2013