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Wow, there’s almost nothing to be said about this one.

As an episodic comedy, it satisfied all my expectations. Comedy was hit and miss, but with slightly more hits. Some scenes were ridiculous to boot, but some parts were dragged out to the point of becoming tiresome, and it's not because I've re-watched it twice; these are my initial impressions. It’s episodic, so there’s not much continuity, or plot. Or even better, there’s no plot at all.

Characters were all charm, no depth. They’re pretty much just random stereotypes or just plain personas. Interactions were well written and dialogues were funny, but there’s nothing that’s really good about them. Only thing that makes few of them memorable is enough screen time and charm; not anything significant. Also, 0 development.

Animations were ok. Deign is completely generic, but I liked the amount of effort they’ve put into expressions. Some scenes do stand out, but that’s mostly because of comedy, not animation. There’s enough motion to set the lively mood when needed, and background art was pretty enough, even though it doesn’t feel fresh.

Music was generic as well. Almost nothing stands out and soundtrack is very poor. Though, I really liked the ED, which was perfectly fitting with the feeling of the series.

Best girl – Yassan

3/10 story
6/10 animation
5/10 sound
2.5/10 characters
4/10 overall

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duchessliz says...

I agree with your rating. . .it's supposed to be a comedy and yet I rarely laughed. . .the only skit that actually made me burst into laughter was the horoscope skit. . .the one with the wasp. . .pretty sad comedy in my opinion. . .

Apr 2, 2014