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Apocalypse Zero

Aug 22, 2013

As if it was running for some Insanity award, Apocalypse Zero delivers an ample amount, and maybe even more than you could handle. All the charm of this anime comes from its bizarre nature and comedic storytelling, which is not all that bad I suppose. I kind of enjoyed it because of that, but because of that alone. To be fair, beside dick dragons, dick lamps, saliva blades and all other forms of deviant humor, this show offers nothing else to offer.

Characters are not even characters; parody freaks would be the most accurate description. They are just here, doing stuff, and looking cool. There’s no development or any form of progression, and even the backstories appear dumb because of lack of coherence in motives, mostly because of very lazy characterization. Plot works the same way. It’s liner and simplistic as it gets. Writers just decided to put all their effort into making it feel amazing, while not actually making it amazing.

Animation and music works very well, though. Design of humans is quite unusual, and monster design is bizarre to the point of being atrocious, but since it’s very unique I’ll give them some credit. Also, background art is just amazing. Music is well fitting with the overall feeling of the series and some tracks work quite lovely. Nothing too special, though.

All in all; you’ll watch it for the sheer amount of insanity it has. It’s entirely shippable unless you really want to test your tolerance for over-the-top nonsense. I had fun, but I can’t call it good in any way, just entertaining.

Best girl: /

2.5/10 story
7.5/10 animation
6/10 sound
2/10 characters
3.5/10 overall

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