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This is one of those shows that play really close to home. Not everyone will be able to find themselves in Hikki’s shoes, but some who do will definitely appreciate this show more. How did I go? Well, some scenes, interactions and situations definitely did remind me of some past occurrences and made me think about them, and I definitely appreciate that (unless it’s a bad memory and I don’t :3 ).

Anyway, let’s not talk about my personal involvement with it; let’s just keep it general and to the point. Whatever-that-unmemorable-name-is-SNAFU is slice of life without plot, which is my first and maybe the biggest problem with it. What? Never seen a slice of life similar to this with an actual plot? Man, you’re missing on things. Anyway, they do what every other slice of life/school life does; they do some club related chores, they go to the mall, they go on a trip, some party and all those uninteresting things. Sure, most of those places/occurrences are “plot” devices that inspire some character development. But man, when I’m going to see sol where they hit a strip club or something like that (I actually did, twice). I’m not taking it for evil or anything, but I just felt like pointing out that “plot” progression is not all that good.

Main three characters are fine as hell. Hikki is my obvious pick because he has a lovable personality and had the most development in the series. The girls followed just fine. Hands down; development is very rich in this series. Sometimes it can be very subtle, which is great in my book, but most of the time it isn’t. I liked to see them actually change through the series. It made the dialogues way more interesting and their relationships ever richer. Interactions were quite good, and the drama they produced was well founded and completely cheese-proof. Other characters, however, were very shallow in comparison. Most of them were introduced in one episode then soon forgotten. Their presence was strong, but they mostly served as background decorations. I think they had potential, but sadly nothing was done with any of them. Wasted potential, I guess.

I’d also like to point out that comedy was definitely my cup of tea. Hikki’s sarcastic remarks, his ironic monologues… right on the spot. Their interactions were also filled with them, making this even more enjoyable for me.

Animations were complete meh. Design is completely generic, and there is nothing remarkable in terms of motion. Backgrounds were quite pretty, but that’s about it. Music was the same. No memorable tracks or great following music; it was just generic sol kind of music without anything to offer beside that concert singing, which didn’t suit my fancy that much, but I’ll give them some props for that at least. Nothing stands out, just meh.

Overall; I’d say this is a solid watch. In terms of comedy, life-relating situations and good character progression, it’s really worth it. Beside that… not much. I’d say you give it a go because there’s a big chance you’ll find something to like about it.

Best girl: Yuigahama

3.5/10 story
6/10 animation
6/10 sound
7.5/10 characters
5.5/10 overall

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