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Death Billiards

Jul 28, 2013

Death Billiards is definitely one of those YATP that gets a passing grade. For such a short duration, it knew what it was set on and managed to present it really well. It is linear, but it’s good kind of linear that actually makes you think with your head. Ergo, when I finished it I wasn’t satisfied at all, but when I gave it some thought I realized that my initial opinion was very wrong. I wasn’t satisfied with it because it provided almost no answers, and when it seemed that we would get something it just brought new question. It was unfair and the ending didn’t do it justice… or so I thought. Then I realized that it was made that way on purpose. Major theme of Death Billiards is the unfairness of everything, but mostly life.  And with that in mind it makes absolute sense. Our main character, Man, knew that he couldn’t win because setting was unfair. Him not getting any answers was unfair. And even when he was told that he’s dead and that his afterlife was yet to be determined, it was unfair because he didn’t know if it was heaven or hell or some other spiritual mumbo-jumbo. He didn’t even know where he was heading. Also, his unfairness monologue and all other things I didn’t mention. And… yeah… that’s Death Billiards; short, but to the point.

Animation and music were Madhouse standard, good quality. Nothing really felt exceptional or fresh, but it did look good. Characters are well… well done for such short duration, and 2 bartenders that weren’t could be counted as average because they weren’t supposed to be explored. That’s just how the show rolls. Plot is not too big in context but is well structured and thought out, and I’m going to praise it for making me think because that’s always a good thing.

All in all; it’s one of the better YATP I’ve seen. It’s nothing extraordinary, but there’s just too much to like about this one, so I’d definitely say that watching this short is a worthy investment of your time.

Best girl: /

6/10 story
7.5/10 animation
5/10 sound
4.5/10 characters
5.5/10 overall

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