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Daicon III and IV

Jul 27, 2013

If anyone at some point wondered why Haruta from FLCL shouted Daicon V when she magically conjured bunny costume and started to fly around on an electric guitar, then yeah, this is pretty much an answer to your question. In matter of fact I have no idea what happened to Daicon I and II, but I’m not going to trouble myself with it. What I do know is that guys who made Daicon III and IV are the same guys that created studio Gainax… so yeah, this is pretty much the root of all evil.

The anime itself is nothing special. I mean, a girl flying around on an eclectic guitar around space, fighting Darth Vader and referencing pop culture, all that while dressed in a bunny suit, just might be the best premise you’ve ever heard… But even so, it’s really, really short. And that is the saddest part about it. Animation and music were awesome, and I’d kill or a full series of the same quality, filled with all the awesomeness that was already mentioned.

Sadly, it’s just a pop music video, of sorts. It has no plot, context or even characters. It’s just about that girl doing crazy shit while everything feels like drugs. It’s a cool way to waste 15 or so minutes of your life, but it’s nothing besides that.

Best girl: Girl

0.1/10 story
7/10 animation
3/10 sound
0.1/10 characters
1/10 overall

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