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First time I watched Digimon Adventures I was 6 or 7 years old; I really can’t remember when exactly. Needless to say that it was my childhood favorite, and boy, did I have some good reasons for that?  But this is, of course, not about my reminiscing. After doing a nostalgic buddy group with few awesome Digibros, my inner nostalgic child was more than pleased, so hence this.

Story of Digimon is definitely not complex. It’s quite linear, but at the same time, very well structured and coherent down to the smallest details. I didn’t pick up all the technology references when I was a kid, and I doubt anyone of that age would, but after looking at it now, I just have to applaud the effort they’ve put into structuring the world. Plot pattern is very obvious, sometimes obnoxiously so, but I can’t claim that it makes it less interesting. It’s far from that, tbh. I found myself grinding my teeth at some very, very unexpected occurrences at times. All in all; I’d definitely be lying if I said that the show didn’t captivate me or held me excited throughout the whole run.

Characters are fine (Kari ftw). Some of them are memorable and flashed out in a good way and some… eh. Some of them are Mimi and Joe, but the latter did find a way into my heart, or one small, tiny fragment of it, at least (Kari took the rest). Tai, Koushiro, Matt, TK and Sora were good, nothing groundbreaking, but good none the less. Their personalities were well founded, each of them had a good share of screen time, and all were developed quite nicely. It’s really hard to find a kids show that takes its characters serious, and I’m happy to say that Digimon did justice to its characters. And as always, surprises are the minor characters, but I can’t say which ones.

Animation was mediocre, but the music was… good enough to make me speechless at times. Yes, that good. One could argue that it’s repetitive, but I’m one of those whose blood starts to boil every time they hear Brave Heart in the background of a Digimon showdown. And the rest; the OP, the ED, and Matt’s delicious harmonica, it tops most of modern anime.

As a kids show, it’s among or the top of its genre. As an anime, it’s definitely a worthy watch, and even if you’re not a fan of kiddies’ stuff. I am pleased with this in every way. I always was, and I probably always will.

Best girl: Kari

6/10 story
7/10 animation
9/10 sound
6.5/10 characters
7/10 overall

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