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I wouldn't exactly call Madoka overrated, since it's generally a good show, I'd say that it just got too much praise for so little it has done. I never had any major problems with it, the truth is, it’s quite solid in every aspect, but it’s bold to say that it exceeded in anything or that it was original. Pff. Anyone who saw Bokurano would know that Madoka wasn’t very original with its general themes and plot pattern, and since it’s a “whish type anime” I already knew the ending because every singe anime where something about wishes and fate is present as a major theme it ALWAYS gets the same firkin’ ending… I don’t want to spoil any other series for something silly as giving examples, so… if you really want to hear such huge spoilers for more than 10 series then contact me or whatever.

Even thought I’m already sick of psychedelic Shaft animations, I’ll just say that this one was superb and not comment on it further. I’m a huge fan of everything funky, unique and bizarre, so I can’t consider it bad in any way, but it’s just that Shaft is really starting to annoy me with its virtual LSD. And yeah, design was quite moe… so that’s a thing, right? Music was also great. It was rich in content and everything worked pretty well, however, there are no songs that really captivated me or the ones that particularly stood out, but it all fits so no complain there.

The characters are something else completely. While I did enjoy their arcs the show didn’t allow me to enjoy them enough since it’s too damn short to properly flash them out. Madoka Magica follows the formula I’m not so fond of, and that is introducing and finishing the arc of secondary character in one or two episodes, and not exploring them further later on. There’s just no way I can care for them after so little time. When the blonde girl died I didn’t even flinch, and the same happened with Homura who got her arc going way too late for me to develop some sort of liking to her. Even so, Homura and Sayaka were the only memorable girls, while others were victims of too little development to get us properly attached to them. Even Madoka, who was previously just a passive bystander, was not developed properly, since she took the stage way too late. Kyoubey is a weaker version of Dung Beetle, who does everything Kyoubey does, only sicker and with 100% more emotion and sadism.

Even if I sound negative, I still think this was a good show, and it’s definitely not a waste of your time even if this review somehow put you off. Sure, not much is original and it’s not a revolution of magical girls (Princess Tutu ftw) as some consider it, but it’s quite solid for what it is and I’m sure many of you will find a lot of things to like about it. 

Best girl: Sayaka

5/10 story
9.5/10 animation
9/10 sound
5/10 characters
6.5/10 overall

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RainingXXanime says...

I felt exactly the same.

I really enjoyed it, but i don't think as it like: "OMG, DIS IS DAH SHEET!"

Its above average to me :p

Jun 15, 2013