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Cencoroll is one of those short anime that felt aimless and hollow. While I did enjoy it, I also didn’t find any redeeming qualities or anything that stands out. The premise and the story are very basic, and with severe lack of content the plot felt like a simple adventure rather than the actual plot. There may be stuff going on, but it’s very random and there is no true beginning or the ending to the story, so the point and the origin of some things are unexplored and remain enigmatic.

The animation and the music were pretty nice. While I did like the designs of the creatures, the character design was fairly generic. Even so, I’m still giving it some points for funky backgrounds and generally good feel.

Characters are not really characters. They are very bleak, and some of them barely speak throughout the series. With that said, I found their poor personalities fitting in this world, but even so, they are still poor as it gets. What kind of did stand out at times are interactions, but since it’s not very focused on, it’s completely ignorable.

There’s very little to say about this one, since there’s just too little about it anyway. It’s medicre; very enjoyable, but also completely skipable. 

Best girl: Yuki

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