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Sword Art Online

Jun 2, 2013

At first, Sword Art Online seemed like it would reach the heavens from all the potential it had. After first episode I was certain that it would be the best anime of this season. I mean, come on. Clearing the 100 floors with different bosses and each of them different, pretty complex looking MC with some already established skills and experience, and all the possible drama goodness revolving around survival… and what the fuck do I get? Nothing...

MC turned out to be yet another shallow badass without any context, but at the same time excellent whish fulfillment character to all no-lifer nerds out there. All female characters were so badly written that my feminine side was insulted, and I won’t even go over the amount of shitty characters that only served as one episode fanservice and had no significance to the story or the plot whatsoever (think of that pedo-bait loli that got tentacle’d in ep 3 or 4). Sword Art Online managed to remain undefined from the start. It never knew if it was shounen based on survival and clearing the dungeons or about solving mysteries about some shitty x y characters no one gives a flying fuck about, or just overblown rom-com with no plausibility or development.

As an action based shounen, it failed. There were too much time skips and we got around… 15 minutes of action all together, and the rest was about incoherent world building that happened off-screen and some really, really terrible and lazy drama and romance. I won’t even start with the transition to the other game, because it turned out shitty way before that, but even so, it got even worse as it went. Filled with ass-pulls, incoherence and terrible written drama, SAO had no redeeming qualities in my eyes.

I’d recommend avoiding this because ratings lie. Just because it’s among the top doesn’t mean flying fuck, and you know why is that? Because majority logic means shit, and if it was ever true, then Twilight would be the best book and Justin Beiber would be the best singer in existance. How plausible is that? Well, you decide. But don’t be fooled, avoid this.

Best girl: Klein (didn’t have that many screen time as the rest to turn as shitty)

2.5/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
2.5/10 characters
3.5/10 overall

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Philemon says...

Thank you!!!

I'm surprised this anime is as popular as it is. Granted, I was super stoked about it as well... but about halfway through, my expectations crumbled to dust. So much potential... I even got excited the first time they faced a boss. Terrible, the direction it went in. The second arc was a joke, and not even worth mentioning.

The setting and landscaping was beautiful and visionary. Too bad they dropped the ball on this one.

Sep 27, 2013

This anime felt like a medley of genres that failed to obtain any form of a true idenity for itself. I dropped it after episode 13 and I'm shocked I even watched that far.

Jun 25, 2013
Yol says...

How did this even get that high? It skips through so much of it's "plot" and that just makes it uninteresting. I can't believe I thought this would be good -.-

Jun 5, 2013
ratchet573 says...

Yup. I have to agree with everyone in the comments. The anime is so over-hyped and over-rated. There was no character development, the romantic developments were rushed and unbelievalbe, the action scenes (what few there were that weren't cut away and replaced with the main guy walking away from the fight) were stupid. The show had a decent enough idea behind it, albeit unoriginal, but the way it played out was idiotic. It's definitely popular because it would appeal to the shounen crowd. if anyone with real taste were to watch it, they'd hate it automatically. It's the same kind of garbage as Guilty Crown and Code Geass, overrated second rate crap.

Jun 5, 2013
bagoly14 says...

I agree with everything in this review. I lol'd so hard at "I won’t even go over the amount of shitty characters that only served as one episode fanservice and had no significance to the story or the plot whatsoever (think of that pedo-bait loli that got tentacle’d in ep 3 or 4)" because it's exactly what I told someone because I got sick to death of the stupid one episode mystery gimmicks. Was a terrible show overall, 2/5 and 1.5/5 if the ending blows.

People who don't like this anime should watch Shinsekai Yori - it actually had development, action, mystery, and plot twists as well as character development.

Jun 3, 2013