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‘Quality madness’ would be the good choice of words to describe FLCL… in case you’re really trying to sum it up as short as possible because believe it or not, it’s very, very hard to give an accurate description of this anime. If someone asked me I’d say that FLCL is like a rollercoaster. Why you ask? Well, there are two things that can happen after a rollercoaster ride, and that is; you’ll either puke from nausea… or you’ll have a really great time. In my case, I had a really good, pleasant, memorable time. FLCL is everything but typical… or coherent… or logical… many more things to add, but that doesn’t mean that it’s bad. It’s different, and artsy. It’s one of those shows that don’t take itself seriously almost 95% of the time, but even with that FLCL managed to become comedy gold and vastly-known in anime community for its uniqueness and many more things. Music, for example, is great. “The Pillows” did a great job on the soundtrack, and the studio knew very well how to implement it in every situation, weather it’s kicking teenagers on the head with an electric guitar, or groping teenagers on the river shore, or… you get the picture.

But is it all about comedy? Nah. The point of all this would be its characters, their interactions and their subtle, subtle development, which can easily be missed if your attention goes elsewhere… if that is even possible. Thing about the characters is that the big majority of their changes is sometimes masked with symbolism… of sorts. It’s Gainax in its earlier years, what do you expect? That might be repulsive to some of you that for reason or another didn’t find this worthy of a re-watch or two, but I liked and appreciated the fact that it made me think, even if it is just about arguably meaningless things. I liked to be thought-provoked, and if anime made me think I’ll always take it as something positive.  

Best girl: Haruko

8/10 story
9.5/10 animation
9/10 sound
7/10 characters
8.5/10 overall

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