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The been talking about is because  Safer Colon up the pro the preeminence and prominent status up the state the government apparatus in all of this in Nazi Germany but at the same time I think it's important not to overestimate that importance arm the I this isn't the then you really get into it along sort of discourse about the structure of the Nazi state not see society but in a nutshell I think it's fair today that one of the things we know about the way that system operated is it was not like one typically sees on that otherwise wonderful channel called The History Channel um in terms of a set are a group I love individuals in political office who are sorted dictating orders to the restive the community and specifically to certain kinds of professionals rather we now know after many years a above scouring the archives and looking at the records that the system itself was very fluid and it worked as much bottom-up is top-down that we have consumers demanding certain things I think it's one of the a really frightening stories for instance about the euthanasia campaign that it begins because an individual Amanda father approached Hitler himself wrote a letter to Hitler say his son was just born with the deformity and he would like to have his doctor be able to end his life on we have plenty of evidence that there’s something up this sentiment within the population in general and moreover we know that the doctors are bringing something to the policy makers and the political authorities it's a you know let us do what we do best we don't need interference we will do exactly the kinds of things you will be proud love I'm so in fact in many ways the story .

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