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kerosenekisses says...

I'm good hun how's you?

Have you watched anything good lately?


Jul 26, 2014
kerosenekisses says...

I know looks good even though im mega confused!!!

Its sooooo hot today i feel like im dying!

Hows things with you?


Jul 22, 2014
kerosenekisses says...

I think you may like these

Gokukoku no Brynhildr



You must watch tonari no seki kun its a short but its amazing!!! As i always i take no responsibility for how bad these animes are you know how my taste is lol!!! xxx

Jun 17, 2014
kerosenekisses says...

Heya im good hows you?

What sort of thing are you looking for at the moment comedy, action ecchi lol


Jun 16, 2014
kerosenekisses says...

I'll make sure what we watch doesn't fit into the 'max' category lol.

I'm not sure what to do about the rally I didn't realise it was this weekend til you said,  I'm so unorganised x

May 30, 2014