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First off, you can say I'm blinded by this series, considering the scores I gave to it. Well.... I just have to say that if you'd seen it with my perspectives, you'd have been blinded by it too.

This is a series that posesses all that a good series needs to. There are down sides to it, but that's just becouse of individual preferences.

The most important aspect of a series is the story, which is something that this series is superior to all it's kind. After the story, the cast of charactors and their backstory comes to mind, and I can with absolute certainty declare that everyone has been placed in their rightfull places. All in all it comes down to the animation itself, considering the timeline it was released in, it posesses superior graphics, sound affects and one of the most beautiful OST-s around that you could think of. So all in all, it makes you wonder why should it be anything less than perfect?

The answer to that question lies only in the individual preferences, even for me the downfall of using sex appeal a bit too much in the series remained, which was mainly the fault of the timezone change of the series release date. But even so, maybe if it had actually been the way I wanted it to be, It'd be less than it is now.

So... I urge anyone that still hasn't watched this series to watch it and atleast try to understand it a bit, before throwing it aside like trash. Because I know this series deserves more than this.

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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NIAIK Aug 3, 2012

As I said, it all comes to individual preferences. Mine's just diffrent.

roriconfan Aug 2, 2012

In that case, it had plot holes and bad directing, so it can't be a 10.

NIAIK Aug 2, 2012

I'm covering both R1 and R2, since each one without the other is incomplete.

roriconfan Aug 2, 2012

Does this review cover only this season or the second as well? The second season is a travesty and hardly as good to the most part (Bankai000 is out of his mind) so you need to clarify that.

Bankai000 Aug 1, 2012

I agree with you in "The most important aspect of a series is the story" part, you are exactly right, I mean the story is nearly 90% of the whole anime series and the rest goes to voice acting, animations, etc. I admit that the animations were good compared to the timeline of the release, but compared to the 2nd season, animations and graphics, it's NOTHING! the 2nd season is way much better than the 1st in all aspects, I really recommend you to watch it. if you went blind by watching the 1st season, you will go MAD by watching the 2nd season (R2), nice review!