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Jul 2, 2013

Now, anyone that knows me personally knows that, depsite how much I try to resent it, I absoultely adore animes that follow a bunch of girls going about their days in highschool. It's not exactly the most manly thing in the world, but we're not hear to discuss my (negligible) masculinity, we're hear to review Yuyushiki.

Now, straight off the bat I'll say this...this show follows the tried and tested forumula of every highschool "moe" anime. You've got the girls, you've got the highschool, you've got the random conversations, you've got the club activities, you've got the teacher that everyone loves, you've got the beach's all here and while Yuyushiki doesn't provide anything groundbreaking, is that necessary a bad thing? I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one that, when about to watch a new highschool anime, to not expect the new Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, not every anime must be new and innovative...they just need to be enjoyable and that's exactly what Yuyushiki is....enjoyable!

The (non-exsitant) story follows three highschool girls; Yui ICHII, Yukari HINATA and Yuzuko NONOHARA as they go about their everday lives. In episode one they become the only members of the Data Processing Club and spend some time most episodes looking up random facts, which is actually quite educational at times. Most of the other "stories" (or acts) of each episode are either them sitting in class, or over Yui's house. Sure, because of this nothing amazing is brought to the table, but over time it becomes familair and a normal home or classroom.

The characters are also nothing special, but they are still a joy to watch. Yukari is your typical airhead ditz who usually has no clue what's going on. Yuzuko is the typical prankster who focuses all their attention on getting the "straight man" Yui, to react...of course, these pranks usually end up with Yui hitting you would expect. What makes this trio really weird/creepy, is that it is hinted all throughout the show that Yukari and Yuzko have feelings for Yui...which makes sort of sense, when all the main charactes have "Yu" at the beginning of their names, it's not suprising that there are hints at yuri. Still it is not too distracting or off putting, as it is usually played for comedic effect.

The side characters are not too noteworthy; you have Chiho AIKAWA who starts off very shy, but quickly warms up to the group, Kei OKANO who tries to keep Chiho away from the "Yu" group, due to their weirdness. Then there's Fumi HASEGAWA the stotic girl who comes out with some of the best lines...she doesn't get nearly enough screen time. Finally, there's Yoriko MATSUMOTO, also known as "Mom", the friendly teacher who acts as everyone's role model.

In conclusion, Yuyushiki isn't going to win any awards and most likely will never receive a second season, but it's an enjoyable anime all the same. If you're looking for some quick laughs and a happy-go-lucky time, look no further!

?/10 story
6/10 animation
6/10 sound
6/10 characters
6/10 overall

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