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Binbougami ga!

Mar 7, 2013

What is there to say about this anime? the fact that it's a review, I guess I should try and write something, otherwise there's no point in me doing this, now is there?

Binbougami ga! is one of those animes which instantly grabbed my attention. I heard it was a parody anime and I knew I had to see it, after all Gintama is my favourite anime of all time. And that's something to point out, Binbougami ga! and Gintama share so many similarities; the humour, the references, the ability to change from humourous to heart-breaking in an's all here!

The story of Binbougami ga! doesn't take all that much effort to understand, which I found good, especially for a parody anime. Ichiko SAKURA is a high school student that seems to have it all. She's incedibly attractive, she's got massive breasts, every guy waits on her every breath...her life is just amazing! That is until the God of Misfortune, Momiji, comes and gives her a visit, explaining that there are gods like her, that keep the balance on Earth. Humans are born with 'Fortune' and 'Misfortune' which both balance each other out, however, Sakura has an unatural amount of Fortune...the reason? She seems to have the ability to take people's Fortune away from them, leaving people with more Misfortune, which makes their lives a misery. Momiji comes to Earth in order to take some of her Fortune and restore her to a proper girl. Sakura, being the spoilt brat that she is, refuses, which results in a battle between her and Momiji for the remainder of the series.

The great thing about Binbougami ga! is Momiji. She's an absolutely fantastic character and really stands out in the audience's mind. The fact that the majority of the humour and references come from her also makes her a brillant and memorable character. That's not to say that Sakura isn't a good character, in fact, while Momiji's character is, by far, the better of the two, Sakura's devlopment over the course of the series makes her very enjoyable to watch.

As previously stated, Binbougami ga! shares many similarties to Gintama, but there are a few things different from it. For one thing, the plot is there and in full force. There's never a moment where you think "What's the story here? Why is Momiji there?" There are also more anime/manga references in here than there are real-life references, which means it's more accesible than that of Gintama, which I find is also a good thing. I must point out a fantastic reference in the first episode, where Momiji, explaining about Fortune and Misfortune, uses Goku SON to represent Fortune, while she uses Vegeta as Misfortune! It's these little references that really stick in your mind.

So far, I've only really talked about the first episode and that is simply because I don't want to give too much away. The experience of going through the entire series, seeing Sakura's delveopment from a brat into a likable person is really well done. Obviously, due to the fact that Momiji is a main character (and this being a comedy), you can expect her to appear in a wide variety of disguises throughout the episodes. Though I will say, the references aren't solely limited to Momiji, there's a cool little scene that mimicks Death Note, with Momiji and Sakura drawn like the characters and behaving like them.

Overall, Binbougami ga! is one of those animes that I would happily watch over and over again. The humour, the references, the character delvopment, the weirdness of the whole thing, makes it so enjoyable to watch. The only bad's only 13 episodes long! Thankfully the manga is still going, here's hoping they make a season two!

And I must apologise for the vagueness of this review. I just wanted to give people the jist of what the show is about and what it's like, without giving too much away, as it's a cracking experience! In fact, it's the only anime that I waited weekly for a new episode!

7/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
10/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
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