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FLCL (or Fooly Cooly, as it's pronounced) is one of those Marmite type of shows; you either love it, or you hate it. For someone like me, who loves watching (and writing) surreal comedies, this anime was listed very high on my 'to watch' list. Thankfuly, it didn't dissapoint.

Straight of the bat, I will say this; if you don't like surrealist shows, this is not for you and most probably, won't change your opinions of them. It's very weird and I found it very difficult to understand the plot. In fact, it was only until I read what the plot was and what the show's deep meaning was trying to portray, on the internet, that I actually understood what the show was about.

As a first time viewer, I was instantly hooked on the show, due to it's off-the-wall humour, which I love so much, it's occasional forth wall breakings and it's whole premesis of trying to give you an epic mindf**k! It's these type of shows, anime or live-action, that I love and aspire to write one of my own in my career as a writer.

As far as the story's so confusing! Even though I have read what it is about, it's just so confusing, I still don't understand! The story follows a boy, Naota NANDABA (or Takkun, as he's more commonly called). His brother has gone away to America to play baseball, leaving behind his girlfriend, Mamimi SAMEJIMA. Naota and Mamimi start spending a lot of time together, forming a noticeable bond. In fact, the bond is so present, that some of Naota's friends call Mamimi his 'wife'.

However, Naota's world is turned upside down when he is run over by a weird girl, Haruko HARUHARA. When Naota goes home, he finds Haruko has moved into his house and another noticeable bond is formed. Eventually, by the end of the first episode, a weird robot comes out of Naota's head and begins moving on it's own accord!

Now, I will admit, at the end of the first episode I already loved it! It was so zany, I just couldn't help but instantly fall in love! The last time I watched an anime and loved it after the first episode was Gintama, which has remained my favourite anime for the past year. And let me tell you, the fact that I am comparing this anime to the perfection that is Gintama, it's definately something to be admired!

But you maybe wondering to yourself, "Hey guy, you're praising this, but only gave it an 8?! The way you are talking about it, it should have the best score imaginable!" And that might have been the case...if it wasn't for the last episode, episode 6...

Episode 6 is the finale of the series, but the problem I have with it, is it tries to end the show on a serious note, with a "proper" finale. Gone are the majority of jokes and are instead replaced with all the main characters trying to make a happy ending for themselves. Now I'm not saying I hate it when characters are happy at the end of their journey, it's just that one of the great things about FLCL is it didn't have a serious story, more so, it was simply just a way of making more jokes (Naota having to be a cat in a play, all whilst keeping the secret that he's grown cat ears, was wonderfully done).

One thing I must praise the show about though, is when the plot starts to become more of a relevant topic, they introduce an epic character, Commander Amarao, whose amazing eyebrows become punchlines in some of the most inappropriate of times! He was, by far, the highlight of the show.

All in all, FLCL is a brilliant anime. Perhaps in the future I can enjoy the finale as much as I enjoyed the rest of the series, but as it stands now, the finale just made me annoyed more than anything. BUT! Don't let that put you off, FLCL is fantastic and I highly recommend it to anyone that is a fan of surrealism!

4/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall

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