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CcrimsonMoon Jan 6, 2008

Well for starters I think you might like kannazuki no miko its a yuri and a really good one at that also if you look it up on this website you will find other anime that I too would recommend to watch

CcrimsonMoon Dec 31, 2007

Well after looking at your anime it lookes like you like to watch shojo... am i correct? If so then I can give you a lot of recomendations but you might not like all of them because some that I liked you didn't like, either way its good to try new things no?

Loffie Dec 29, 2007

it's just a temp until i get around resizing my other one. ^_^ from my webcomic, Furry Black Devil.( def not manga but feel free to check it out!

CcrimsonMoon Dec 29, 2007

Love your avatar and kool top five, I've seen them all and I loved them... I went through a faze where All I wanted to do is watch shounen ai and yuri they were the best so if you want any recomendations or have any please let me know

wolfangel87 Dec 24, 2007

Good job!

Watch Strawberry Panic if you haven't!  It is really really good!  :)