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You know you watched too much anime when.....

19 NOV

You know all the genres of anime and what they mean

You thought how cool it would be if your hair could always stay the same even after waking up from bed, or taking a shower

Your Idea for a great date with your friends is having a karaoke night and maybe hitting the hot springs afterwards

You drink tea more often and purchased many flavors

You always stay tuned after the ending credits of an episode not because you like the song but because you're hoping for a special ending or extra

You played kibasen (cavalry fight) in the swimming pool with your friends

You find vs threads intresting e.g revy vs spike

You dream of anime

Your dreams are in subtitles

A girl reveals too much you expected to bleed from you nose

You feel as if a big sweatdrop falls form the back of your head when someone says or does something incredibly stupid

You put an anime movie, series, or manga for your favorite movie, t.v show, or book

Instead of calling them your mom, dad, brother, or sister you call them Okaa-san, Otou-san, Onii-san, or Onee-san

Your friends do somethin stupid and you call them "Baka"

You memorized the lyrics or at least think you do to an anime opening or soundtrack

You have downloaded dozen's  of anime songs

You know the names of the people or bands who made certain anime soundtracks

You think reality sucks and wish you could just go into your favorite anime

You use "Kawaii" instead of cute

You use choptsticks with almost any food you can

For some reason you like sushi, soba or udon more

You have an urge to go to Japan more than you did before

You know a bunch of anime sites to watch and/or discuss anime

Your 'Favorites' List for websites is mostly filled with those websites

You suddenly want to train In japanese martial arts

You have tried sitting seiza-style (formal way of sitting in Japan)

You find your childhood friend more than just friends and something special

Your computer desktop is of an anime character

You have purchased anime related things like cards, dvd's, games clothing etc.

You try to put your hair like one of you favorite anime characters

You play anime songs whether it's on the guitar, paino, singing it whatever

You google and save a bunch of anime pictures

You have at least made up one anime character all the way down to it's age, personality and it's own story.

You're hoping for school uniforms, and can't wait to see how the girls look in them

Make daily references to anime on numerous things

You say itadakimasu before a meal

You imitate character's actions

You go to youtube to watch amv's

You create a youtube account to create amv's

You tried learning Japanese

Your first cry or strong emotions toward's anything you saw on tv was an anime show

Someone says something you didn't here clearly you reply "nani"

You could add to this list without hesistation

You created a list like this

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timbertje2 avatar timbertje2
Dec 26, 2010

I did almost all those thing (Even went to Japan xD)

MyImmortal avatar MyImmortal
Nov 25, 2010

I'll keep adding to this as time goes on and find things I do cause of anime lol

Kari5 avatar Kari5
Nov 21, 2010

Haha! xD

chihinoke22 avatar chihinoke22
Nov 21, 2010

LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!!!! It's a good thing I took a break from watching anime, but I still do almost all that stuff ;P

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