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I just love anime, manga & all kinds of stuff.

I'm a little bit crazy, haha!

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XcanaXalberona says...

Haha I know right.

Have you heard of this thing called Fatal Insomnia? I was on the weird part of YouTube again and I came across it.

Feb 8, 2014
XcanaXalberona says...

Mhmm, someone once told me that I have way too much time on my hands. I guess thats true ^^' There's someone on this site that has genuinely watched more than a years worth of anime xD

Feb 4, 2014
XcanaXalberona says...

Haha the emoticons you use are so cute x3

Feb 4, 2014
XcanaXalberona says...

Welcome to Anime Planet ^_^

Feb 3, 2014
Royajm says...

Welcome to ap, Muuzikka-chan! Nice avatar you got there ^^

Feb 3, 2014