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Naruto fight! (MANGA 500+ SPOILERS!!)

19 DEC

The way Kabuto is acting in the newest Naruto manga chapter, I would have to say that Madara and Kabuto are going to fight wayyy before Sasuke and Naruto do. I hope that the 5 great shinobi villages win the war and put that stupid snake poser dude in the ground!!!

I am also torn whether I want Sasuke and Naruto to fight (because the battle would be EPIC!) or if I want Sasuke to come back (because I am a SasuNaru fan). I can't decide! It's stuff like this that makes me want to hit Kishimoto on the head for. Because THIS keeps me up at night!! Lol.

As a fanfiction writer, I have always wondered whether or not Naruto has the rinnegan. Because it is entirely possible, right? Naruto is distantly related to Nagato (Pein) through his mother, Kushina of the Uzumaki clan. So in my fanfiction, I have often wondered if I should make Naruto's rinnegan (assuming that he has one) awakens during his final fight with Sasuke.

And with Sasuke going off and killing Danzo like that and trying to kill Sakura and Karin too, he is not exactly making it easy for Naruto to get him back into the village. But I think that Naruto is gonna become Hokage after the war and he will rule that Sasuke is allowed back.

* goes into fangirl dream land *

Then Sasuke will realize his undying love for Naruto who saved him from his path of evil revenge and allowed his back with open arms after the bastard left! And then Naruto and Sasuke get married and have little Uchiha babies. Oh and....Sakura dies!! Bwahahaha!

*back to reality *

Sadly, I doubt it would go that way. What with Hinata all on Naruto's case about the "I love you like the white hot intesity of 1,000 blown up computers" and Sakura all on Sasuke-KUN's case about "Come back, come back! I will do anything for you! Even if you abuse me and mistreat me and want to kill me and can't look at me in the face without gagging!" If only Hinata and Sakura would go fall off a cliff...my fanfiction / fangirl reality would come true. :)


MOJ avatar MOJ
Feb 28, 2011

Oh...i forgot the manga is ahead of the anime, i should have listened to your spoiler warning... D:

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