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Ohayo goziemasu!

Nan da?Eh?Ehhhhhh??!!?!?!!!







Saisaisainara Byebyebye!

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animehermit Apr 26, 2008

HEY POT! its YM from anime capsule! so your the only one who has seen more anime than me huh?...we'll have to see about that...

SapphireSky Apr 23, 2008

what axe chick? you mean my killer chik avatar?

hekate Apr 22, 2008

LOL Thankies~ They're better now and I'm thinking of doing a cake later today or friday with mom... we'll see I guess =P They were yummy of course~ 

Oh, sounds really well! *drools* ... I can't have anything resembling meat or coming from something that has meat.... until Sunday, when it's Easter >_< Which really sux since I am a carnivore being! T_T 

You almost got run over by Bike drivers? O_O ... I usually almost get run over by cars.... but never bikers... Hmm something new to try huh? LOL

Thanks for the wishes Pat! ^_^ *hugs*  

Bai Bai <3 

Felipe18713 Apr 21, 2008

Happy 420 right back at you pot! ~_^

Though I'm a day late! LOL =P

I couldn't celebrate it, I haven't celebrated 420 EVER! Not in the 6 + years since I've smoked weed! LMAO!

Hope you toked some for me! LOL

I'll get my chance to get blazed when I'm with my friend on the 16th for about 2 weeks so yeah, and hookah and get drizzunk, and shit! ~_^

This one guy who's like 30-40 years old and has a wife and kid and all, and is my sister's coworker, called me yesterday though, he was so gone it was funny but he wished me a Happy 420 as well! He reminds me of you (though not as quite insane =P) and what I might and want to be at that age, some old chill dude just smoking the Mary J in the house, and getting blazed whenever and wherever! LOL =P 

kyuzosgirl Apr 21, 2008

YAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!!!!  it's pot-pat!!!!!!!!!!!!  <3333333333333

another fun place indeed!  i like the idea of being able to keep track of what i've seen and want to see.  makes it so i don't have to do any of the work!  LOL!  ;-)