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NinjaPirate101 Jun 14, 2011

Hey, I just heard a little while ago bout an earthquake, in New Zealand. I hope you and everyone you know are okay. Be safe. Hope you were away from the area hit, and not affected to greatly.

NinjaPirate101 Jun 4, 2011

True, do you live on campus, like in dorms, or are you renting an apartment. Yep, with the home cooking, tho i love to bake/cook so its not a big problem for me. Hahahaha im probably going to community college, so ima see if i can get a cheap apartment closer to the school. Ahhh 1 more year left oh high school. Im officaily a senior since 06/02/2011! ^_^  Oh thats cool. For me i have no clue yet, im thinking about nurse then gradually becoming a doctor, or chef, or idk. I havnt thought it all the way through. xD

NinjaPirate101 May 11, 2011

Oh wow! It has been a long time! Oh cool! Im almost goin' to be a senior, year 12. Do you know what you want to be? Is this the first time your moving out of the house? I kinda want to but on the other side i wanna stay. LOL XD things have been good.

NinjaPirate101 Oct 10, 2010

Lucky. i wish i had a day off T_T as for the flu thing it was kinda bad, i usually get sick this time of year so im kinda used to it. I was taking 4 different medicines and felt like i was coughing up a lung. i still have a cough but i am finially feling much much better. Im glad you werent hurt ^_^ i kinda think earthquakes are fun, but they are dangerouse so it isnt much of a laughing matter tho, but they feel like an amusement park ride for some reason. Oh i kno that feeling about work -_- It stresses me out sometimes especially when i have homework and all that to do to. Im still supposed to be doing homework and studing for like 2-3 tests but i have no clue where to start. So how was you day off? what kind of books do you read?

NinjaPirate101 Oct 7, 2010

lucky! i wish i can have an anime day, the only time i can is the weekend and this weekend im busy with hw! >.< I have been sick last week and had to stay home from school. i am now getting better which i am happy for since Halloween is comming up! I just saw a play of Phantom of the Opera in Hollywood, we went with the drama club at school. I have been watchin bleach recently tho that and hell girl! ^_^ Oh and episode 1 of season 2 of Letter Bee/Tegami Bachi. So how have you been? was the eartquake recently bad? i heard about it and realized it was ur country am not sure if it was close to you tho.