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Hey, I'm Steve aka KING STEVE!!!!!! Started watching Anike about two years ago, the being Cow By Bebop which I never finished casue I replaced it with Bleach (best anime ever)!!!!! 

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sothis Aug 15, 2012

Because we don't have a block feature back in place yet, I'm doing a bit of a courtesy call here to say that this is a site owner-mandated 'block' notice from posting comments on Kayzee's profile. Please do not post more in the future. As the block functionality isn't in place yet, the only other alternative I'd have is to ban your profile so you are unable to log in.

KayzeeLikeHew Aug 15, 2012

There's nothing two faced about me, I've always been upfront about how gross you've been and how much I didn't want to talk to you. All you do is harass me and make vile comments alot, you stalk me when I tell you to leave me alone, then you have a go at me for telling you to go away? You're sounding alot like the prick to me ha. Begone. 

KayzeeLikeHew Aug 15, 2012

I've already told you I don't want anything to do with the drama with everyone, it's nothing to do with me. I've also already asked you to leave me alone, more than once. I'm not sure why blocking you everywhere possible and changng my number hasn't gotten through to you. I've also already spoken to the person who owns AnimePlanet, and if you continue, you'll probably get banned, so. 

KayzeeLikeHew Jul 26, 2012

Wasn't harsh at all, my last comment on here to you pretty much summed up how I felt about tlaking to you. Plus I blocked your actual account, if anything you were being out of line in adding me on other people's accounts just to harrass me. If you'd get the picture it'd make things easier for the both of us. 

KayzeeLikeHew Apr 23, 2012

Regardless,  N O T H A P P E N I N G. Hopefully the use of capital letters will emphasise to you, how strongly I feel about you not having my number. :) & Jic you don't get it, take my ignorance to any reply following this as a hint. :)