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Tower of God

Jun 4, 2012

Hey all, another review by me!

Well lets start this off, this is a webtoon, and it is originally in Korean (not 100% sure tho)art is good an the pictures are coulored and usually read in a long strip format.


So this story is good story but used quite alot, not that i mind just when you look at the charcters as well as the story you start to remeber a certain other manga it probably got alot of it's insperation from *cough* HunterxHunter *cough*. well it does add some conects to it an sets it in a diffrent place so it felt diffrent enough, and later on gets mroe diffrent.


I personally liked it nice neat drawings with coulor perfect for fight scenes which this webtoon has alot, this section is based on opionion mostly.


I'm not a great judge of charcter but i thought they were introuced well apart from thier gender, I fell into that trap more than I care to remeber.

Overall i give it a 8, an say, for people who want to rea somthing diffrent an new this is not for you but if you are like me and if it's action but some reused ideas you won't min this and actuall quite enjoy it I daresay i personally really liked it the pacing of it is good to.

6/10 story
9/10 art
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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