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Guilty Crown

So lets begin with a question.

Have you ever had somone you despise so much that you would like to destory them to thier fundemtal atoms there are made of and erase thier existence from fromt he universe? no? me neither, till i watched this show.... Now i don't want to come of as negative and I didn't go into this show hating, actually I quite liked the first episode but then our main protaginsist started to speak.... gosh what a mistake, I would have gladly stopped right there and preserved my good impressions about the show before our protagist opened his mouth and we had to listen to the mindless drivel that spewed from his mouth, If this show was redone without our "heroic" protagonist I think the show might have actually lived up to at least half of the animation it managed to get, I really want to march into thier studio and ask what the hell they were thinking when they gave this show shuch awsome animation, anyway onto my review.


If we just focused on Gai and co. I think the story would have been awsome but nope couldn't do that could we..... so i have to do a mix in so this doesn't score as strongly as it should have done. i really like taking over the world and rebllion stories but it doens't feel good when one of the secret wepons is in the hands of annoying boy who can't decide whether to take the right way to school or the left and his testosterome levels would be lower than evey girl in the series and a mouse would have alot more courage. I heard from some people that this is suppose to have a higher priority on romance well let me tell you somthing, the romance isn't intresting at alllll, you may sa that's becaus i'm a guy well no, I do read shojou manga to as well so you can't say that I don't get it. well main point is that the main point is suppose to be intresting and it wasn't so, I demand more action, but i guess that's impossible now. Well in the parts ingoring Mr. stupid and the aprts where i was unconious in a pool of my own blood (explained later ) it was okay...


Nothing much to say here amazing but wasted on a waste of potential of a anime.


Good but what's up with the nice music IN THE WRONG PLACE? i didn't get it did they get the timing of???


Most our char development goes on around Mr. Guillible our protagonist what we see him going from crybaby too you guessed it stupid crybaby. Well 12 episode you gotta get somwhere you know. It's hard to give a damn about whats happening on screen when he was there, i found myself trying to down out his annoyignness with anything I could do e.g. like banging my head on the wall repeatdly. a trip to the hospital later and I still think it was more fun than listening to him. Inori goes from a person who listens to gai without question a person who listens to shu because of spoilers. and yea so stuff happend, was it intresting then? no.

Overall If you can ignore the bloody protag it's okay still watch at your own risk, mabye make sure you got the ambulance on speedial to. and unfortunatly it's still not over aprently.

4/10 story
10/10 animation
5/10 sound
4/10 characters
4/10 overall
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Codieecho says...

No matter how much people complain that its like code geass is still way different, iv seen both and im enjoying this show alot. Sure there are hard core similaritys but thats like that with alot of anime there not really such a thing as origional anymore, everything has pritty much already been done

Mar 2, 2012
LotsOfLaugh says...

I actuallty enjoy this anime... then again I've never seen Code Geass

Jan 9, 2012
fluffybunnifeet says...

Hahaha, good review. I like how you tell it like it is, no sugar coating :)) I lol'd. 

Jan 9, 2012