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Hello you who is visiting my profile. :D It’s nice to meet you. ^-^

Let me tell you some few things about myself. :)


Country: Norway.

Home Language: Norwegian.

Gender: Female.

Age: 26.

Western Astrology: Leo.

Chinese Astrology: Earth Snake.

Hobby: Watching Anime, Reading Manga, Playing video games, Writing Stories, Cross-Stitching, Biking, Jigsaw Puzzles, Playing Yu-Gi-Oh.

Favorite Games: Dragon Age; Origins & 2 & Inquisition, World of Warcraft, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Heroes of the Storm, Final Fantasy; VIII & X & X-2 & XII, Persona 4, Skyrim, Rune Factory, Harvest Moon, StarCraft, Diablo, Absolute Obedience, Digital Devil Saga, Zelda, Terraria.

My Yu-Gi-Oh Decks: Crystal BeastsVenom & Six Samurai

Main WoW Characters: Yunastrasa & Yseana.  

Alts WoW Characters: Gaiamora, Mirallaa, Aslathea, DiwinZoryah, Misaix.


My pages:

Fan Fiction: Murasakyoru.

YouTube: YunaMurasakyoru's Channel.

Backloggery: Murasakyoru’s.


And that is a little about me. I will gladly say I am a big lover of Anime/Manga and Games.

When it comes to Games I tend to play more WoW on a daily basis, however, if the mood is right (and or a good new game just came out) I will take my time to play all other different type of games. :)

It’s been a couple of years since I first started watching Anime, and as you can see, I have now seen a bunch. XD I love to just relax on a normal day, and either laugh, cry or just enjoy a good episode of an Anime. The time I have spent watching Animes will never feel like a waste. ^-^

Manga is something that I very recently started to dig into. When I first started on Anime I never thought too much about the Manga, but with a little help from Bakuman I found the motivation I needed to enter the world of Manga. And I am so happy I did. :D So I now love Manga very very very much. ^^ Always looking for new good ones.

Well, that is all I can think of telling you. :) Other then, my user name here would roughly be translated to: Purple Night. It’s a name I made up for a character in an story me and a few friends of mine are making. Our dream is to make it into an Manga or Comic at some point in our lives; Shinkou Yokai. Me as a writer has written some of it so far. :) And my user picture is a “fan-art” version of Murasakyoru from the Shinkou Yokai story. You can see the whole real picture here. The background was something I made, I simply just put together a wall of my favorite series with the picture from Anime Planet. :D

And that is that. ^-^ I hope you had fun getting to know me a little. :) Please write a comment if you want to ask me something or just feel like talking. XD I always enjoy meeting new people. ^-^

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pansylane Oct 29, 2008

Hey, thanks for the greeting.

Keitaro004 Oct 26, 2008

Hehe^^ Bare synd at jeg ikke kunne komme til Anime-messen likevel. Fant ikke ut hvordan jeg skulle komme meg dit, siden det var ingen tog i Haugesund. Åh, hvorfor! HVORFOR! Jeg letet også lenge, men nå er det jo likevel forsent. Messen var jo i September :(

Åh, har du smakt Ramune!? Du er heldig! Jeg har alltid hatt lyst til å smake det, men kunne ikke siden jeg aldri har funnet noen som selger det ><!

Ahhh... Helt til Jul!? Oi, det kommer til å bli en slitsom uke for deg XD Får vel gi deg lykke til, jeg da :p Men det positive med det er jo selvfølgelig lønnen, ikke sant? Hehe^^

Den Anime serien høres litt spennende ut. Kanskje jeg skal se den en eller annen gang. Men med "glad i ham", mener du sånn som å "Elske ham"? Fordi hvis 2 i samme familie gjør det, så... er det litt rart XD

Synd at jeg ikke fikk brukt skjørtet, da :D

neurodium Oct 25, 2008

How freat to find other AMV makers, you have a great profile, very interesting. I have seen your friend's profile and her work, that is good work.It seems thqt you like sports anime, try Capeta it is a good anime!

I see that you did not have seen D Gray Man yet, it is in the same spirit as Bleach and Naruto, you should like it ;)

SasuraUchiha Oct 16, 2008

okay ^^ when i have time to translate my fanfics in english i will upload them ^^ but i warn you xD my english is not the best ^^

youtube is very... >_> but you can search for the episodes on youtube, maybe they are still there XD let me hope that they have not deleted the epis XD


Mafias Oct 16, 2008

Thx you for the comment, read you around here!