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Hello you who is visiting my profile. :D It’s nice to meet you. ^-^

Let me tell you some few things about myself. :)


Country: Norway.

Home Language: Norwegian.

Gender: Female.

Age: 26.

Western Astrology: Leo.

Chinese Astrology: Earth Snake.

Hobby: Watching Anime, Reading Manga, Playing video games, Writing Stories, Cross-Stitching, Biking, Jigsaw Puzzles, Playing Yu-Gi-Oh.

Favorite Games: Dragon Age; Origins & 2 & Inquisition, World of Warcraft, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Heroes of the Storm, Final Fantasy; VIII & X & X-2 & XII, Persona 4, Skyrim, Rune Factory, Harvest Moon, StarCraft, Diablo, Absolute Obedience, Digital Devil Saga, Zelda, Terraria.

My Yu-Gi-Oh Decks: Crystal BeastsVenom & Six Samurai

Main WoW Characters: Yunastrasa & Yseana.  

Alts WoW Characters: Gaiamora, Mirallaa, Aslathea, DiwinZoryah, Misaix.


My pages:

Fan Fiction: Murasakyoru.

YouTube: YunaMurasakyoru's Channel.

Backloggery: Murasakyoru’s.


And that is a little about me. I will gladly say I am a big lover of Anime/Manga and Games.

When it comes to Games I tend to play more WoW on a daily basis, however, if the mood is right (and or a good new game just came out) I will take my time to play all other different type of games. :)

It’s been a couple of years since I first started watching Anime, and as you can see, I have now seen a bunch. XD I love to just relax on a normal day, and either laugh, cry or just enjoy a good episode of an Anime. The time I have spent watching Animes will never feel like a waste. ^-^

Manga is something that I very recently started to dig into. When I first started on Anime I never thought too much about the Manga, but with a little help from Bakuman I found the motivation I needed to enter the world of Manga. And I am so happy I did. :D So I now love Manga very very very much. ^^ Always looking for new good ones.

Well, that is all I can think of telling you. :) Other then, my user name here would roughly be translated to: Purple Night. It’s a name I made up for a character in an story me and a few friends of mine are making. Our dream is to make it into an Manga or Comic at some point in our lives; Shinkou Yokai. Me as a writer has written some of it so far. :) And my user picture is a “fan-art” version of Murasakyoru from the Shinkou Yokai story. You can see the whole real picture here. The background was something I made, I simply just put together a wall of my favorite series with the picture from Anime Planet. :D

And that is that. ^-^ I hope you had fun getting to know me a little. :) Please write a comment if you want to ask me something or just feel like talking. XD I always enjoy meeting new people. ^-^

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Kiiroikitsune says...

Takk takk! Du også har kule top 5!!! XD

Feb 9, 2008
animefan57 says...

thank you i like your to!! >_< I have the same problem as you talkin rilly fast then everyone wants me to repeat what a was going to say

Feb 7, 2008
wolfangel87 says...

Your avvy is amazing.  i love the vibrant purple of it, totally sweet!  Just stopping by to say hi!  Hope you are doing well!

Oct 16, 2007
Kivan says... the avatar, love the them both :)

 And another wow for the number of anime you've seen, and glad you're giving 4 stars to Noir, and even happier for th half start you gave to Evangelion ^___^ 

Oct 4, 2007
sothis says...

Hey girlie, just wanted to let you know the link problem is fixed in the bio. ^_^ So if you remove the existing link to your deviantart and then re-add it, it'll work finally. Anyways, ttys! And check out the signature feature, it's awesome (click my signature on the left)

Sep 29, 2007