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Devil May Cry

Jan 11, 2011

Being a fan of a video game translated to an Anime is extremely hard, especially when it's a game that has so much commercial value that is just insane. I've farted better stuff than this show, so here it is your moment of Zen...

Devil May Cry started off as a game, as millions of you know already, and this adaptation sucked more than DMC 2 did 100 times over. After watching the first episode which, by the way suckers you in, you'll feels a sense of doubt as to continue watching. The story itself will leave you with a foul taste in your mouth. And I say this to all fans of the games, if you love the games don't bother trying to tie in this garbage with it. The animation wasn't too bad, although, IMO it deserves a six. Here's why... I found that the animators rushed each episode without really polishing it off right. The sound wasn't that bad, although I guess I had my expectations way too high. The characters in this was nothing short of stale. You can literally tell that there wasn't any real thought process put into character storylines, and such. Seriously I feel bad for Dante. He deserves better than this, and I see a sad but true future heading his direction... five out of ten is my final verdict on this one. I was hoping Capcom learned from previous mistakes but it seems that they let MADHOUSE run the show and got screwed over. I don't recommend anyone buy this anime, I'd say borrow it from a friend, stream it or watch it at someone's house. If you happen to be a fan of the series, I suggest you stay far away from this one, you'll regret every waking moment.

3/10 story
6/10 animation
5/10 sound
2/10 characters
5/10 overall
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MugenNeS Jan 14, 2011

Anytime. I really despised how they did this anime. I was hoping for something so much more, but I was let down in the most horrifying way. I know exactly what you mean when you meet people who got into the game because of this piece of filth. I honestly want to pop them upside the head, but I figure that in the end they'll eventually realize their mistake.

Vinniesama Jan 14, 2011

I watched the first episode of this when it was brand new (in 2007(!)). And I was pretty horrified by what they'd done to one of my favourite (back then) game series. Seriously. I remember I had about 2 hours before I had to go out, and I put DMC on... It felt like it had dragged on for an hour despite being 25 minutes long, that's how boring it was! The opening action scene with the demons in the bar was amazing, but its potential was quickly squashed by that stupid and convoluted mission Dante was put on with that little girl. =_= Argh. Sorry for ranting. Anyway, nice review, and thank God I've found someone who also hates the anime! Any people I talk to these days about DMC say their exposure was through the anime and they talk about it like it's the gods' gift to animation...