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Tenjho Tenge

Jan 9, 2011

High school can be full of cliques, bullies, arguments, tests and all sorts of other uncool elements. But have you ever been to a school where almost every second is spent fighting? If not, I suggest you step inside the world of Tenjho Tenge.

Todo Academy isn’t your typical Tokyo high school. It’s ruled by fighting, and The Executive Council (and the teachers) intend to keep it that way. Intimidating and dangerous, they practically rule the academy. But there’s another group – The Juken Club – whose members aren’t so focused on fighting…at least compared to everyone else. Throw a few supernatural elements into the mix, add some family drama, and you’ve got a recipe for ‘Tenjho Tenge’.

Some of the things to watch out for are: crazy brawls, near-death battles, relationship drama, ripped teachers, special fighting moves and supernatural swords.

After reading the first six volumes, I asked myself: “Is an entire manga series dedicated to fighting worth it?” My answer was “Yes…and no”.

Basically, Tenjho Tenge is one big fight, with some unique characters thrown into the mix. If you can follow panel after panel of devastating bouts of violence, you’ll probably enjoy it. Personally, I think the artwork is really strong and there are some interesting stories that are revealed between battles. But overall, I found it difficult to relate to any of the characters and found the violence a little repetitive after a while.

On a side note, there has been some controversy regarding editing that was done for the English release of the manga. I will admit – there are quite a few edits that were made to the artwork. The original Japanese version features much more ‘naughtiness’ (i.e. nudity and stuff) than the English one. I will say that the edits are seamless – even if you’ve seen the original.

There are a lot of uniquely-designed characters in Tenjho Tenge. Oh! great has taken great care XD to make the Juken Club members and Executive Club gang unique.

The art is tight-tight-tight! Linework is crisp, clean and sharp…with just the right amount of screen tones. I especially like the use of ‘special effects’ during the fight scenes, which help create a sense of motion.

Overall, if you've watched the anime to Tenjho Tenge, you're going to love the manga. Also, if you're a major fan of Air Gear, then you'll most certainly want to pick up this manga.

8/10 story
9/10 art
8.5/10 characters
9/10 overall
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