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Dec 23, 2010

Naruto is a manga in which many will fall in love with, with a rich story art work and characters that are all memorable and fun loving one can't go wrong in reading this masterpiece. The anime however is a different story, but we're not here to discuss that. Each chapter leaves you with the sensation of wanting more and thus it's yet another of my top picks.

10/10 story
10/10 art
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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MugenNeS Jan 7, 2011

For me, I don't look at Naruto as a childish manga, despite the fact that to many, it is. As to why I rated it a 10/10 is simply this, I don't initially follow the story of our main protagonist, Naruto, but the actual story of the waring countries, the ties that they have and of course the back story that Kishimoto presents. He took Naruto and placed it in a realm that I completely comprehend. From Buhdism's comcepts of life and death, to how the elements play an intricate role in each individual characters lives. On top of that, while one can argue that Naruto is of course an overrated series, it is by far one of the best, in my humble opinion, Manga that tells more than just a story about a main character and their achievements. Yes, it could be argued that their are tons of loop wholes, but that's only cause Kishimoto wants readers to come up with their own theories, ideas and concepts as to whats really going on in the story. Also, I do understand that it's not complete, and there is so much that Kishimoto hasn't put out there, but my review is based off of what I've read through and my personal feelings towards it. Like I tell many people, rate something according to what you feel, and I'll do the same. I'll stick with 10/10 until Kishimoto does something drastic like drop Naruto and says screw it, or if something goes array in terms of the way I view the story.

LoveFooledChild Jan 5, 2011

Do you rate all the manga you read a 10 out of 10? (Not being sarcastic, but Yanagi13 is manga is perfect. Although, the imperfections make it all the more enjoyable) I am NOT a fan of Naruto (I used to be obsessed) and in my opinion, Naruto is faaar from perfect. I find it more childish than anything, but that's not to say it isn't good. It isn't perfect though, just my opinion being thrown out there...

The newest volumes are a little annoying and the dialog is not that good ( Sakura going on about "clobbering" Sai), but I did get my kicks out of it when I was younger. It's nostalagic to look back at it.

KunoiSlayr Dec 26, 2010

I have also preferred reading the manga over watching the anime and agree, it's great. While some of the plot holes I do find disappointing, and it's unfortunate how they killed off some of the characters with a huge fan base just to give it an edge, I'd say over-all the writer has done as great job- it was a good read. 8/10 on my scale.

MugenNeS Dec 24, 2010

Well that could be true, but to me it's deserving of a 10/10. It's way better than the anime in my opinion and has a whole lot going for it.

Yanagi13 Dec 23, 2010

Naruto is my favourite manga ever, but does it really deserve a 10/10? I mean, it isn't even finished yet, and no matter what, nothing's perfect.