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The ething but I before we go and I Safer Colon wanna rabbits outpretty quick here let's talk about your run for the BC MP in this next election wellas far as a lacy yeah we have the provincialelections coming up and may whether or not I still no Idon't know the exact day I heard I hundred-and-some yeah I I'm gonna be running for the BCMarijuana Party are third time I've been a candidate sauna patroness might say I'ma seniormember of the BC Marijuana Party that's right here not just because of anold fart preservers they present I think I don't love Marissa no marks thepresident brown going to be the president is in jail yeah nice I think I think so I've check withJody on that but I'm pretty sure I will figure that out yet I I'm pretty sure okay and a Sol running that but youforgot I we went to this video we can really play you asked me what I thought about theLiberal Party right now you know talking about legalizationand bring forth the formatter sought hmm well it's nice to see this because a lasttime some months back when liberals first voted this in on their platformthan a and it's a pursue got all year agobasically year ago I got the call from the Young Liberalsour little party maybe a asking me what I thought when Imention all the members and they're all part of the way all what do you think about our 

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