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I'm bored


Owwww! Man!! I hate then I sleep like a good kid and someone calls me.

I  now can't sleep T.T

So,I watch new episode of Fairy Tail.

I just must say that I like it. It's simple and exactly show chapters from manga.

Natsu is stupid and want a fight,Lucy is afraid of battle and Erza look cool :)

I just love her armor with tiger skin.

I hate Blue Pegasus guys,they are a posers and stupid. The worst thing in alll episode is that it was too short. I want more!!!

Ow,I just write like a little kid ^^ Maybe it's because of late hour.

That was about Fairy Tail,maybe if I recall something I add it later.

Now about actual statistic. I'm watching MM!,Oreimo,Fortune Artelier,Yosuga no Sora,Dragon Ball Kai,Fairy Tail,Pretty Cure(I dropped 30th episode beacause it works on my nervs),Iron Man,The World God Only Know and I'm trying to get up-to-date with One Piece. Actually I'm on Enels Game in Skypiea. I start watching Umineko no Naku no Koro ni(When Seagulls Where Cry). All 26 episodes. Maybe I start today or tomorrow. I have all 5 free days because of Holiday.

So if I don't forget about any anime I watch now 10 anime and start 11th. Of course I don't count hentais.

And for the end I add some good(I think it's good) picture.

It's not my picture. I fond it on 4chan. If I remember correctly on /b/


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