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Clannad After Story

Jul 12, 2011

Alright let me get this out of the way quick, Clannad (AS in particular) is my favorite anime EVER. So yes, this review may not be all as objective as I like to think the rest of my reviews are, but oh well. This anime had really been on my mind as of late for some reason, so I thought I might as well do a review, and without further delay.



If you’ve seen the original you already know the basics, but for everyone else. Tomoya is a high school punk, who don’t play by the rules, one day while walking to school he sees a girl talking to herself, when she randomly blurts out the name of her favorite food. That girl is Nagisa Furukawa, we later find out that she is a repeater, meaning she had to repeat her senior year, on account she had sickness called, ummm well that’s never really explained, and so we’ll just call it plotconvienenceides. So anyway now that Nagisa is felling better she really wants to revive the drama club. So we follow Tomoya and Nagisa on their marry adventures to revive the drama, and in the end, they succeed. And that’s Clannad in a nutshell, not very note worthy, just another high school harem with above average animation, music, and characters. OH BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE, because eventually all of the characters graduate, and now it’s not a high school dramedy, but a full on dramatic MASTERPIECE. Taking all of the clichés about the high school, slice of life dramas and throwing it out the window. Most notably they are no longer in high school, which is a pretty big part of the school life genre last I checked. They bring the romance to whole new level, basically taking the harem out all together (thank freaking Christ), and having it all about Nagisa and Tomoya and their lives together and it is AMAZING. Mostly because it like if they took any other high school, slice of life, drama etc etc, and tacked on another season where they went into, “What happens to all of these character after they are taken out of the setting we all know them in”. Also the NagisaxTomoya is SOOO effing adorable it’s barely funny. Which is another thing I should probably mention, while the original Clannad, had quite a lot of very funny moments, not saying AS doesn’t, but it’s more about the drama and the grim reality that, life after high school is not a wonderland, and bad shit happens to good people. And I’ll be the first to admit it, I cried during this anime…twice. Also something that should be mentioned is the girl and her robot, which you might remember form the first series, well they’re back and, I really can’t say much, because their relationship is extremely symbolic of two other characters relationship together, and no it’s not the two you’re thinking of.



This show was brought to you by Kyotoani, one of my favorite animating companies. They could be doing a completely funny and light hearted slice of life, see Lucky star and Nichijou (which I highly recommend but that’s a review for another day), or one of their KEY team ups (which Clannad is) they’re animation is beautiful and they’re character designs just bust at he semis with cuteness, even if it is toned down a little for the more serious nature of this show. Also I liked how the characters physic actually seemed to change as time went on; it’s just something I noticed as an artist. So why didn’t I give this a prefect 10, because I don’t like giving out perfect scores.



And just to show how much of hypocrite I am, the music in this show is PERFECT. No seriously, every track on the OST is memorable and beautiful; the voice work is top notch, also Luci Christian is still awesome, and Dave Matranga STILL NEEDS MORE FREAKING ROLES. Also the OST has a song called The Girls Fantasy, which is my favorite anime song ever, not just that it’s probably one of favorite songs period (hint: my iTunes has about three thousand songs in it, me saying it’s one of my favorite songs, is saying something).



So I basically summed up my thoughts on the two main characters in the story section, so this one will be brief. All of the character are extremely interesting, and flesh out, Youhei is still my favorite anime best friend, who are usually just there to make the main guy look better and act like a perv, and while he does do that he also know when it time to get serious, also I like how he really evolved as a character form stupid, young punk, into less stupid adult, and it just helped drive home that all the characters really where changing and moving on with their lives. Also Nagisas dad, Akio, is the other comic relief, and knows when to be funny and when to give fatherly advice to advice to Nagisa, and manly advice to Tomoya, and wound up being one of my favorite characters in the series, also the parts where he has to chase Sanae down to convince her he does like her bread were some of the funniest in the whole show. Also a character is introduced in the last couple of episodes and she is so important to the plot the even telling you her name would give away a lot, so yeah, there’s that bait set.


So yeah one of the best animes ever, why are you still reading this GO WATCH THIS SHOW YESTERDAY. Also if you’re the kind of narutard who labels this as a “girls show” just because it has a romantic plot and gee actually interesting characters that have real emotions and don’t communicate by way of fists, then by all means go watch Bleach or something.

9/10 story
9.5/10 animation
10/10 sound
9/10 characters
9.3/10 overall
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