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Kanon (2006)

Jun 22, 2011

I should probably say this first, this review will have more Clannad references then you can shake a stick at, because both anime are very similar, but also very different so there's that.


Yuuichi Aizawa has just moved back to an old snowy town up in the mountains that he used to visit when he was a kid. Oddly enough, he barely remembers anything about what happened there seven years ago, and he starts meeting all these girls he once knew, and they help him figure out what is going on and what his lost memories are. So it's a harem with some supernatural stuff thrown in for giggles, so it's your basic KEY anime. What I really didn't like about the story is that, unlike Clannad, it's never really sure who it wants it's main love interest for Yuuichi to be, they go back and forth, having some die, some get injured, some I don't even know what the hell happened to, but it's not really until the end that we figure out who he really loves the most, and still I wasn't one hundred percent sure about her either. So unlike in Clannad where the other girls are just the supporting cast, it seem KEY was trying to make him have romances with all the girls, which honestly doesn't shock me since this show was originally a hentai game (that's right kids it was porn). Honestly though I am being a little harsh, the story was fine and there were some parts where it did really pull at my heart strings, not enough to make me cry (like Clannad), but pretty damn close and I guess that counts for something. But the last couple of episodes really made me go "wait...what?" Oh also *SPOILERS* they do that thing where at the end they're like "haha jk everything actually fine" which kind of pissed me off (it also kind of pissed me off when they did it in Clannad) *SPOILERS OVER*. Oh a side note the show is a SLOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW boil, like it could only be a slower boil if you stuck a Zippo under a swimming pool (yeah I totally stole that joke but shut up, I'm trying to make a point here).



This was brought to you by, Kyoto, big surprise since they did all of the other KEY works (like Clannad), and yeah it does look quite nice. The girls faces still creep me out just a little, since their eyes are so huge, but the rest of their features are so small, but I've been watching anime long enough to be used to it by now. But yeah other than that looks quite nice.



Ehhhhh, the soundtrack honestly was...not that good, it (again) fits but it's all forgettable, unlike my last reviews where there was maybe one or two tracks that saved it, this one had none like that. In fact during some parts I played music from, no prizes for guessing, the Clannad OST. The op and ed, yeah I couldn't even hum the melody, I just muted it and played a different anime op with the op animation. Now the voice acting on the other hand is VERY GOOD, with actually a lot of the cast being mostly unknown, with the exception of the two guys and Ayu. But it was weird when Yuuichi and Kitagawa had a conversation; because I kept thinking it was Sato and Yamazaki from Welcome to the NHK.



I usually love to talk about the characters, but this time there honestly isn't that much to say. Most of them are stereotypes, you have your cute air head relative, your cute air head mystery girl, your serious mystery girl, your cute air head childhood friend, your cute sick girl and to round it all out the milf...yeah. But really KEY knows how to do stereotypes so actually all of the characters were pretty well done over all, nothing spectacular, but nice. Now the character interaction, HOLY CRAP, it was good, the characters actions weren't super realistic but man did they know how to tug some heart strings, this is of course what KEY animes are the best at.


So yeah pretty good anime, kind of slow even for a drama, but not bad over all. Now the romantic drama question must be asked, is it as good as Clannad, not by a long shot, does that mean it's bad, no but it's not for everyone, if you like Clannad (or Air for that matter) then you will enjoy Kanon, if you didn't like Clannad then just stay away from this one, and for everyone else, give it a try. Never know you might like it, but after you're done go watch Clannad. Also CLANNAD, CLANNAD, CLANNAD, CLANNAD!!!!! Just had to get that out.


7/10 story
7.5/10 animation
6.5/10 sound
6/10 characters
6.7/10 overall
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koalibear Sep 11, 2011

I completely agree with your comparisons to Clannad. The romance in Kanon is no where near comparable to the intensity you feel in Clannad. I just finished Kanon feeling unconvinced. >.<

It just makes me want to watch Clannad all over again! lol

CoolHandMike Jul 22, 2011

Hilarious character summary.