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5 Centimetres per Second one of those animes which I feel went too quick in some episodes and too slow in others.

The story is about a boy called Takaki Tono who met this girl called Akari Shinohara who both become very close friends with each other. However, due to Takaki and Akari's parent’s jobs, they have to move to a different place which makes the relationship drift apart. So Takaki wants to meet up with Akari for possibly the last time. Now this is what I call an amazing storyline, however one problem with it is that this storyline goes on for less than a 30 minute episode/movie which consists mostly of them sending letters and Takaki's trouble getting to Akari. Plus the way the episode ended was a let down. It’s just "Hi, I haven't seen you in a long time, let's kiss, Ok bye-bye". I'm not saying this should not be the ending at all, I just feel like it should have had more than just that because remember these two haven't met each other in years and after this they're worried that they might not see each other again. The next 2 episodes/movies have different storylines. The second episode involves another girl falling in love with Takaki but doesn't have the courage to tell him. And I won't spoil what the third episode has. Overall though while the episodes do have amazing storylines, they end them on a really disappointing way.

The animation looks amazing. Heck even the backgrounds are really great to look at. Actual movements in the anime are minimal but in this sort of anime it works well so no complaints there. Overall I can't really say anything bad about the animation and even if I did it would probably consider nitpicks that wouldn't be considered legit.

There isn't that much in the music department but when it does play music it's both fitting and beautiful. Voice acting is pretty good even though in my opinion I didn't like the voice of Takaki as a kid. Minor characters don't get a voice except for Kanae's friends (Kanae is the main girl in episode 2) and some train staff.  But it's not really needed. Not much in the way of sound affects either so I won't get into that. But overall the sound is pretty good.

The characters are very likable. Although most of the time it's just the 3 main characters while minor characters like Kanae's friend only get a minute of screen time. Although they are the main cause of why the episodes end so badly. But despite that each character is very likable.

Overall though 5 cm is probably one of those movies which does disappoint you in areas however the overall movie is an amazing masterpiece. I definitely recommend it to anyone that's in need of watching a lovely anime movie. Would I say it's the best anime ever? Not exactly but it would probably appear in my Top *whatever number I decide* list.

8/10 story
10/10 animation
9/10 sound
10/10 characters
9/10 overall
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Shucurucu says...

5 centímetros por segundo.

Esta es La historia de un par de niños que desde muy chicos se enamoraron pero a medida que fue pasando el tiempo ambos alejados por la vida se dan cuenta que el amor es más fuerte que la distancia. Excelente serie para ver en pareja con unos increíbles arreglos musicales.


Apr 5, 2011