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New bio!

I noticed my links dont work so I changed it. 

I'm coming back? = new bio.

Hello everyone, my name's Daniel, known as either MrMeNr1 or Missy on the wonderful world that is the internet.
After a what is almost 2 years long break I've recently started to watch some animated movies and I fell in love with it again. So yeah, I figured it was time to rewatch some things, and also to check some new anime out!

If anyone has any questions, feel free to drop by on my twitter and ask anything you like, be it random questions, or help with homework. Anything you feel like.

Also, if you're awesome, check out my twitch. You can expect things like osu!, TESV: Skyrim, League of legends, but it will mostly be a music stream where you can see me fail at both piano and guitar.

As you can see; I once was a bit active in the forums. Gonna keep it because I'm hella sentimental ^.^

 Welcoming Committee!.

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What?! No manga ratings?

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I adore these characters


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Sianeka says...

MrMeNr1 says...  Remember me? I'm sorta coming back into anime :D   Let me know if I can help with WECO in some way!

Welcome back to the wonderful world of anime!  Makes me happy you are enjoying again.  And also makes me happy to see you back here on a-p!!! *smile*

You can help out WECO in lots of ways if you want!  But remember, as a Supporter, you are not obligated to do anything.

(For starters, if you want, feel free to use a WECO banner in your forum signature or on your profile page. They are here, if you want one, but no obligation to use one if you don't wish to.  If you participate in the Forum, you might also consider hitting the “like” button for the group’s Forum thread here.  That would also help a lot!)

Jul 18, 2016
Sianeka says...

Thank you! Am now following you! Keep in touch and leave me a comment on my profile page any time - I'd love to hear from you!

PS I don't understand the turtle-kun request in your profile?

Aug 5, 2014
Sianeka says...

Hi! Profile comments -do- work to communicate between members, but the site's internal email is Private Messaging. Y But note that you'll need to create a separate forum registration ID to send PMs though - most folks use the same as their site ID so it is easy to find them - as the two areas are not yet merged (that is coming sometime in the very near future as part of the site redesign).

Regarding WECO: I am adding you as a WECO Club Supporter, and I thank you much!!! (Club Supporters are important members of the club. Their endorsement really benefits the club by boosting morale, and by helping to increase the club’s reputation and visibility on the site!)  If you ever want to be more involved, just let me know and I can help you take a more active part in the club, but nothing more is required.  While I love the club's Greeters, who do the welcomes and who are very special people, endorsements are also very cool and we love our Club Supporters.  Nothing more is needed. No obligations. If that is the role that is best for you, I thank you very much for your support!

(If you want, feel free to use a WECO banner in your forum signature or on your profile page. They are here, if you want one, but no obligation to use one if you don't wish to.)

Aug 5, 2014