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What's up Dudes and Dudets?

My name is Joshua.

I've watched anime since my elementary school days. I believe the first I'd watched was 'Ruruoni Kenshin' on Toonami. Anime, being as surreal and entertaining as it is, held its own special place in my heart. Since then, I've delved deeper into the genre and found a goldmine of love, hate, tradgedy, comedy, and life itself reflected into beautiful, artistic masterpieces filled with emotion that can strike deep into your soul, forever immortalizing their unique characters, one-liners, slapstick situations, and life lessons.


Yeah...stuff and things aside. Let us all get along!

Peace off~

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9 - A Masterpiece

8 - Awesome

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5 - Average

4 - E for Effort

3 - Below Average

2 - Paperweight

1 - Cannon Fodder

0 - God help us.

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FringeGal says...

Happy birthday dude( ̄ー ̄)

Jul 11, 2012
Yanagi13 says...

It sure is. It's difficult to find people who share your interests in real life, but we otakus can form a close-knit group.

Jan 26, 2011
Yanagi13 says...

Welcome to Anime Planet :)

Jan 26, 2011