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mrninjoe Jun 5, 2012

when was the last time u visited this site?

minamina Jun 10, 2011


Sorry it took me so long to respond. Damn that RL! ;)

With regard to NGE: I'm well aware of the fact that the production team ran out of money. I'm also aware of the fact that the Code Geass-anime only has a CLAMP character design and wasn't written by CLAMP, but I still think it's CLAMP-related... similarly, I also still think that the last two episodes of Evangelion are very interesting and ultimately, it depends on how things are percieved by the viewers of a series. So, while I understand that the fact that NGE's last two episodes seem so out of place may not fly with most viewers, I still believe the end result is quite interesting, and, for whatever reasons, it breaks viewers' expectations. So I stand by my original comment, although I respect other opinions ^^. Oh god, that sounded really prententious... have to undermine that... uhmmm... Nyyyaaa! Anyway, thanks for your comment ;).

KiraRin Apr 20, 2010

I suppose someone has to be from over there :D


KiraRin Apr 11, 2010

Hmm... I figure you must be a Brit with the phrase "pissing myself laughing".... Am I right? Am I? :D

But I'm stealing your first comment, and thanking you for your kind words on my reviews :)