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Sword Art Online

Oct 8, 2013

Here is the Overrated Anime of 2013 : Attack On Titan 

Story (Terrible)
Well, to begin with the premise isn't new, is actually pretty old and has been used some quite times in the past, people get trapped on a beautiful cruel game and they have to do something in order to get out of there. There is Tron, Mini Spies 3, Hack, An episode of of the fairy oddparents, the simpsons, some other bunch of examples which I forgot, but there are derivations of it outside of the game concept like Angel-Beats, Matrix or Inception, even the Wizard of Oz and Narnia.

But Sword Art Online knew their audience and how to make publicity (and a lot of good luck), the show is practically fan catering to those MMO players who likes to choose the girl just because it is sexy *cough* I also do this *cough*, it starts interesting and after the second episode it throws you into a full fillers story about harem and how Kirito is the man that is just awesome because he is the main character, wish fulfillment for lonely gamers. And when they deals with actual relevant plot they make sure to rush it as fast and as "cool" they can, so they can go back to their harem ecchi-comedy style that is the only thing they can actually aim for.

Many complain that the second season is bad, reason: they kick out the premise from the principal door and leave just Mario saving princess Peach. I like the second season more, the reason is that they stop pretending they had deep stuff and focus on boobs, therefore they actually take care more about the plot, but overall, Sword Art Online is just ridiculous, from the same creators of Accel World which offers the same but without pretending to be deep.

Characters (Terrible)
Well Kirito is an asshole who acts according the plot and not his personality so there you have some Main character, as for the female lead, starts as a Kudere, then > Tsundere > Deredere, so just as Kirito, but more according to fan-service and to make the main character even cooler rather than the plot. You have a loli with a great ass... you got me there but no points. A random girl who doesn't do anything, another who do swords, and my favorite, the sister, yup incest, although I am not praising the incest part but that she was the only one who had just one bit of realistic dialogues (and she was hot), but no points since nothing else about her makes sense. Oh and some man dudes who I don't remember, I guess they weren't important.

Animation (Average)
Well, if it doesn't has good animation it won't be overrated, don't know of Aku no Hana but people seriously were making a fuzz about how bad it was because of the animation. So yup, today people ask more for animation rather than story, and still get carried away by just the presentation which is good in SAO, I am not gonna lie. But it is generic as hell, character design were kind of faithful to MMO but at the same time lifeless (somehow ironic), fan-service was the only thing that really was outstanding, since even the backgrounds were cute and all but very repetitive... as a MMO, but I am not shallowing the idea that it can't be better than that.

Sound (Average)
Yeah yeah it sounds impressive and is good to listen to, and I don't deny that the composer is great but for me music doesn't work in that way, I can associate it with Campione, it also was impressive, but both as bad they were they both had generic epic sound that wasn't neither unique neither giving live to the anime, is just simple orchestra which only purpose it's to get you carried away with the atmosphere of the story, and it does a fine job but that's all.

Sounds are okay and voices are Cheesy and not very convincing.

Enjoyment (Bad)
I actually prefer Sword Art Online, instead of Attack on Titan, I just laugh so well mocking every mistake I could find in this show while in the other it piss me off how they were wasting potential, but It wasn't very much fun neither, since there wasn't more than that to entertain myself. I would actually recommend other things and tried to hide the existence of SAO since it only really have is ecchi harem comedy, and there are a quite others a lot better than this shit.

Overall (Bad)

1/10 story
5/10 animation
5/10 sound
1/10 characters
3/10 overall
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SwordAcolyte Nov 17, 2013

I agree with you, I wrote a negative review about both, they are both insanely, insanely over-hyped.  The irony is both of them could have been pretty good but went down predictable paths.

BrownJenkin Oct 28, 2013

I completely agree with you here. This show is hyped to such a degree that most people are unable to see its glaring flaws. The characters are shallow, the plot is ridiculous, and the execution turns an interesting premise into something cliche. I would have given the visuals and sound more points though. I absolutely loved all of the opening/closing themes, and the battles look very nice.

Jakounezumi Oct 22, 2013

I don't recognise the Anime at all in what you have to say about it, it is like you are talking about something completely different.