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Great Teacher Onizuka

Aug 3, 2013

 STORY (Great) 

Everything is over the top, far fetched, cheesy, and as Great as the title promise to be and I enjoy the heck out of it. While it not only made me laugh my ass off, it really leave me a good taste about the message they wanted to show, so It wasn't just for the sake of brainless entertainment.

Fuck laws, orthodox methods, stigmas about what is wrong and right, these doesn't exist when is about to teach, or at least that is what's the story about and is really a sweet deal, since it show how far it take sometimes for someone to admit that the others are not the only ones wrong but themselves are also a part of the problem, not only students but the lessons are for the teacher as well, not with the same emphasis but it is presented enough to notice and give a good setting back.

Of course Onizuka doesn't makes everything he wants without suffering the consequences. The curious part is when what he does to help the others returns to him in order to rescuing him from this situations, so his wicked ways of giving classes really affect the students in a positive way, meaning, there is actually process and the shows leads to somewhere. But of course, let's be obvious, don't expect it to be realistic as the real world, this was made to be exaggerated, otherwise it would have last 3 episodes and ending with Onizuka in Jail, but within the limits of what the show establish they rarely break them, so it is consistent.

But it sure suffer of it flaws, mostly my main problem with it is that there are some arcs that are forgotten so they end being like fillers, or they barely bring something new to the table. Mostly treating with characters that appear to be important and disappear just like that, or dealing with the same characters with matters which we already watch so it feels redundant. As well it gets repetitive, and predictable, since you are just waiting for Onizuka to do his job more like an overused routine than actually him trying to help, not saying that i didn't like it, I could watch a hundredth episodes of him doing that, but repetitive is repetitive and it is a flaw.

As for the ending, it was very rushed, although I did expect less. Many complain that it was unfinished, but I didn't feel it like that, It is a slice of life at the end, and well, mostly they finish on the end of an arc like here, but they rarely close the whole story, because, well, life doesn't end until you die, so there are always untied matters. And as I said before, it gets repetitive, since the variety of methods of teaching of Onizuka aren't many. If it had a second season it would felt short against the first one, so I think they finish it just fine, he did his job and what the show was promising with an open ending that one could fill the holes.


I always though that Eikieichi Onizuka was going to be the classic bad ass like Bruce Willis or Clint Eastwood sort of manly way of thinking. I was amazed, A naive, kinky, childish, pompous, relaxed or the opposite depend the case, loud, he takes advantage of their students a lot of times... and he remains being fucking GREAT, despite of being the role model you would hide the most to your children. And I love the way they did it, if it was a perfect man with harsh methods it would felt cheap, since the essence of the show is the opposite of that. Onizuka is most likely the most imperfect character of the show, but that doesn't bothers him at all, more accurate, he enjoys being himself making him the hero.

The other characters aren't as awesome as him, except for Uzumi Kanzaki, I love that crazy bitch. But still manage to offer a solid and good development, since compared with the teacher they are actually normal teenagers in a lot of aspects, and the show treat them as for what they are, making part of the cast very memorable and easy to feel sympathy for them. As well the teachers are interesting, but not as much, their main role is to support the story and give some comic relief from time to time, and is very neat.


101 faces you must watch, watch GTO NOW! it certainty looks cheap at first glance, and probably didn't have a big budget, but I never judge only for the fancy visual, I also enjoy when they take what they had and make it outstanding, They manage to make the character design memorable, to express tons of emotions and hilarious jokes, the action was not the best however it was really fun to watch. The atmosphere feels right, and I don't know why I have always like this 90s animation style more than the animation style of nowadays.

Also the first opening! I take my hat off.

SOUND (Great)

Hardly voices are something I praise, and this is one exception, the voice actors nail it, and really give the sensation they were adding a lot of quality to the show and to the characters. Sound, was good when needed to be serious and good when needed to be funny. As for music, it is cheesy, simple and not a big repertoire, but as I have mention in reviews before, I love cheesy music, and they use their songs just enough to be memorable, but not so far to get tired of the soundtrack.


As my final words, it has its issues, surely the "fillers" did bother me, but as far for rewatchability, skiping those episodes, I would highly watch it again. It is a great show.

OVERALL (As great as the teacher)

Live Action Teachers:

8/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
8.2/10 overall
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