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Jul 22, 2013

I'm gonna fix the english mistakes as soon as I notice. 


Story (Good)

Certainly a Swiss cheese, but a delicious one! what I am saying is that do not expect to have a solid story in terms of coherence, it isn't a complete puzzle, it has a lot of plot holes that didn't made me to enjoy this anime as many others,  since it doesn't build up too much when we are talking about the setting but it builds enough. Enough for what? well, here comes the good part, it builds enough to build up its message in a pretty good and heart-warming way. In that aspect... yeah it makes sense and it was somehow consistent about was going on but it is still a mess.

As for the presentation, it was lovely and entertaining (really random, and I love it.), very well done. When it aims for comedy it nail it, when it goes for seriousness, you get it, when there is some need for sorrow, you have it, when it is for suspense it does the same... most of the times. For example: There was an episode that is one of the most shocking but it didn't have a fucking sense for me, an industrial elevator has its relevance for those who have watch it. And this is because of the characters.

Characters (Good) 

I think all the characters were likable, but only the 4 main ones have a really good development, even when I had a questions about Kanba, they solved my doubts at the end. But the others... were crap. With the 4 main ones you have a very huge connection between them, but in the case of the teacher, the actress, and the... orange haired girl that looks like a intruder of Code Geass, they felt as just plot devices to support the story. And what is worst is that even they had the chance of FlashBacks (WE HAVE TO GO BACK!), the four main took the opportunity and had ton of backdrop, because the characters that appear in the Flash Back were taken seriously enough to give a good development back on the characters. But the others use lame characters to support their backdrop, to be more obvious, characters with papers on their head with the words of what is their role, so their catharsis in the show really seems forced and dumb just as their backdrop.

And what about Momoka and the Pink Haired, the story works out around of them almost, but... they doesn't explain you a thing about them, and couldn't take them seriously since their personality was dumb since they didn't have a solid motivation, which directly affects the story quality.

Still! they are all important and take their part on the plot, as for Himarii, Shoma, Ringo And Kanba, they made the show for me, the dynamic between them was awesome and even when having a unsteady plot they manage to go forward with very few flaws on their development.

Ooooh! And don't forget the stupid penguins! they does not have any real relevance for the plot! some could said they are symbolism, and even if so, they were captain obvious all the time! And I love them because of this, they were adorable and funny each moment, I find hard to believe how even in the serious scenes you could laugh and go back to take serious what is happening. If the 4 main ones aren't enough, the penguins will make this show heck of memorable and enjoyable.

Sound (Great)

Voices were all right, I don't got any trouble with them neither praise for something in specific, sound was also nicely done, as for music... if there is something that I like is that the ending or opening has any relevance to the story, maybe being the melody becomes a very symbolical part of the show atmosphere, or the song is a direct reference to what is happening, and PenguinDrum didn't miss the opportunity: with Triple H, the endings were simple but very attached to the essence of the show. As for the rest, well, for what I am listening at this moment, I can said I like it a lot, it is great.

Animation (Great)
Stylish, Minimalistic and Surrealistic at points! you got me. One things I like is that the extras on the set were cardboards, this because they can focus on the important things, while the white figures just represent that there are people around. The atmosphere was cool, the character design was, okay I guess (Code Geass Intruder!). I really really like the house were they live. Overall, it really stands out from the rest shows and do its job just fine which is great, but nothing TRULY amazing after 3 episodes of watching. 

Enjoyment (Good)

So, I got a nice time watching it. After Rose of Versailles this sure went flying, I start without expectations, the very first episode made me say damn, why did I choose this random ecchi thing. then the next episodes grow in me a lot of expectations, and then I was disappointed. but It was a touching anime and memorable as well, I just really felt it could be done a lot more better, since it deals with a lot of interesting ideas and characters with a lot of potential even despite many of them weren't truly developed. But what is worth in here is the presentation, that is the animation and sound were a big support for this.

7/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
7/10 characters
7.8/10 overall
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